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  1. He is my little bro I told him he needs to work harder on it and go to the tuts so he can make better sigs but he is to stubborn I also dont get why he gave you 6/10 thats like a 8/10
  2. :shock: I dont see how that makes sense :shock: You become rich but your house and everything you bought burns down I wish petey19 would make a better sig I think I should've been more specific
  3. There is no school but then you become very stupid and you never get a job and you die from hunger :twisted: I wish petey19 would try harder on his signature
  4. You become a pro skateboarder but one day you got shot by Tony Hawk because he is jealous of your skills. I wish I could eat 50 tacos in one minute.
  5. Well I would enjoy becoming a graphic designer but that requires an education... therefore i shall be a... TRASHMAN!!!!! You don't need an education, You get the thrill of riding on the back of a trash truck, and it gets good pay because nobody else wants to do it!
  6. My friend stapled my butt 2 years ago in English class... I still have nightmares Also... The cake is a lie
  7. Your shadows/glows get cut off at the border. You should try fixing that. Other than that, i like the new green shield in the middle (That's what it looks like to me). Very cool job! I just noticed that :shock: I'm blind
  8. 9/10 Not just a sock monkey... evil sock monkey
  9. The plugin works but your comp explodes and everyone you know and love dies from the explosion. I wish i had a box of Capn Crunch that would never go empty.