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  1. Is this going to become some sort of PDN meme?
  2. 9/10 love the colors and the effect. Much better than your current sig.
  3. Take a picture of a car with the hood up and another from the same place with the hood down. Put the second pic as a semi-transparent overlay of the first.
  4. Totally new gallery format! 2.0! Awesomeness! Anyway, please read the first post. Here is today's daily shadow "New Wave Ryu":
  5. If we don't get Photobucket support I will eat your soul.
  6. I know it is a very simple effect to make, but I use it so much I would like a plugin.
  7. Here is my idea: The interface allows you to enter X and Y coordinates, and it makes the image seem to sort of zoom to that area, but also like a lens flare. I will post a concept soon. EDIT: Here is the concept:
  8. Posted sig: 7/10. Please rerate this sig along with my current one.
  9. If any of you saw the new member called "LRT" and thought he seemed a bit like me, then you are a genius. I decided to return to this forum after not being here for a while, so I tried to log in. Guess what, I couldn't. :x I tried to recover my password, but it wouldn't acknowledge my email address. So, I made a new account. It was LRT. I decided to contact a mod, so I did (in the "Water Drop" tutorial.) Just after that, I successfully logged in. What went wrong? Will a mod please tell me?
  10. I got into my account! Yay! Oh, and LRT really is me, so don't ban him for lying or anything.
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