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  1. barkbark00

    Shaped Gradient v1.5

    Great work! I think I'll be using this a lot!
  2. barkbark00

    Paint.NET on a Mac!

    Unless you want to utilize iPhone framework stuff (UI libraries and such) you could code in straight C or C++, but you need a mac to debug or otherwise compile for on an iPhone. My costs included hardware ($999 MacBook) and developer licensing ($100 for Apple, $100 for GameSalad "indie/express").
  3. barkbark00

    Paint.NET on a Mac!

    For my released app, I kinda cheated and used a program call GameSalad (Mac-only). It is more of a game creator than an IDE in that it doesn't require you to "code", but does use some scripting/expressions. Apple ships its own IDE called xCode, which I have been slowly learning by reading a few different books. As far as online tutorials, I haven't done a whole lot of searching, so I'm guessing that Google could give you more than I could, which is nothing... ;-) Also, there IS money in this! My start-up cost were about $1200, and I'm probably gonna clear that in my app's first week...
  4. barkbark00

    Paint.NET on a Mac!

    Nope. No working .NET on iPhone, or Mac for that matter... Although, if you know C#, you'll probably have an easy time of picking up Obj C!
  5. barkbark00

    Paint.NET on a Mac!

    Developers keep 70% of the revenue. Apps for the iPhone can be written in C,C++, or (most often) Obj C. However, there are several tools that help devs bridge the gap between the required C based stuff and some other languages, even some web languages.
  6. Hey Everyone! I've been gone for what seems like ages. Along the way I started dabbling with making iPhone apps, an act which requires the use of a Mac. While there are decent graphics programs available for that platform, it seems I always come back to Paint.NET for any work I do. I recently released my first app to the wild and ALL of the icon and UI graphics were created using Paint.NET (via Parallels running Win7). Check it out when you get a chance! View in iTunes *I know the app is kinda simple and some are saying it is a rip-off, but this post is focusing on the art. ;-)
  7. barkbark00

    Erase Grays in white background

    I think Curves+ is the easiest way to get natural results. I only had to use the paint brush to get rid of the little dark piece on the middle left border... After------:-----Before DISCLAIMER: You may have to make a selection that avoids any light/white areas (e.g., eyes, teeth, highlights, porcelain toilets...etc.) in the object as they would be made brighter by this process.
  8. I recently did some work that required me to use the Magic Wand tool multiple times with varying Tolerance values. Retracing my steps was made difficult as I didn't remember the exact value used for each instance of the tool's use. I think that adding the Tolerance value to the entry in the history for all of the tools that use Tolerance would be very helpful.
  9. barkbark00


    Great tool! Here's a tip for users to get cleaner edges: - Add a layer below the layer you plan to run the effect on. Fill that layer with white. - Run the effect. - Shift-Select the white space on the layer that you ran the effect on. Delete all the white pixels. - Run Basic Antialias. - Then Flatten your image.
  10. barkbark00

    BlendModes Plus v2.3.5 (3/24/10)

    Great idea with the stand-alone organizer! However, I have a few UX bones to pick with you. ;-) I thought it was a little odd that the it didn't adhere to the standard item/list selection modifier keys, Ctrl and Shift. That makes it very difficult if the user wants to move all or most of the modes to the "Show" side. The other thing is, why does everything start on the "Hidden" side? I imagine most users would fall into one of the following three categories: - Wants all of the modes, but wants to reorganize them. - Wants most of the modes, and doesn't care about reorganizing them. - Wants most of the modes, and wants to reorganize them. I almost added a fourth, but then I realized that users who want all of the modes and don't need to reorganize them wouldn't be using the app...
  11. barkbark00

    Pull/push tool

    Oh, I thought it was funny either way... ;-)
  12. barkbark00

    Erase Grays in white background

    Could you post or link to an image that exhibits the exact level of "grayness" around the edges of the object of focus? Given that, I may be able to find a better way to address the problem.
  13. barkbark00

    Pull/push tool

    Was that a pun? Maybe they're thinking of either PS's extrude, or displacement filters...
  14. barkbark00

    Pull/push tool

    Is that the actual name of the feature in PS? I'm not familiar with what you are referring to...granted, I'm no PS expert.
  15. barkbark00

    Paint.NET is getting noticed!

    Funny how a site can be "Covered" with just two(2) ads... EDIT: First post fixed...