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  1. He was on today. Which is why I'll post this request. Your Selective Palette plugin is pretty awesome, but what would make it awesomer is for it to dither the results rather than just using a nearest to color. I've tried a combination of the Dither plugin from whoseits (sorry, I can't remember and I don't feel like looking it up) and this one, but none of the combos work nearly as well as the color reducing functionality I got to know and love in PSP. Just a thought. Thanks!
  2. Yes, but unfortunately that's about as pointless as having animated gifs was in the early '90s. There's little point in going through the trouble without IE support, since most people use it (weirdos).
  3. Thanks! I started with a blank canvas in PDN and made the skull out of some simple shapes. I never actually thought about animating it. It would look cool, but I'm afraid the limit of 256 colors in a gif would detract too much from the rest of it. I really like the flowers and cat. It's not often that you see basically three colors used so effectively.
  4. I like the large render; it adds foreboding. Here are my new avatar and sig:
  5. His head is attached, it's just that the top of his body is black, so it's hard to tell. Thanks! And I like the greyscale nature of your SIG. I think it would be too busy if you colorized it.
  6. I honestly think you should post that it in the Realistic images topic. Awesome job!
  7. Well, I'll post my results. (Obviously, you shouldn't fill the image with your drawing. :oops: ) Great tutorial. I do have a couple of notes: 1. the link to the first set of plug-ins needs to be fixed; 2. Step 20 doesn't need to be done because the selection is still in place; 3. Step 27 doesn't specify where to run Glow (I merged the layers for the object I was working on first, and got good results).
  8. Super Party Hats With Lousy Attachments So obvious...
  9. I got my entire college banned from a talker for trying to explain something to someone. The moronic sysadmin (with the dorkiest username in the world: Gandalf), mistook me for someone else who was being insulting. I remember laughing my tuckus off when the I heard a couple of freshman complaining about the ban.
  10. Yet another PSP function missing from PDN is added as an Effect. Thanks!
  11. That's cool, janettsue! It looks like part of an art deco ad from the '20s or '30s. Have a bolt:
  12. Since I got my new computer I haven't bothered to put up a custom background, but reading drew's How to Make a Night-time Space Background tutorial gave me an idea on changing up XP's Bliss.bmp for the nighttime.
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