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  1. lol. it would have been nice if they had a description when you hover over the effects...
  2. Grr, those were brushes that wallpaper? if they were can i have the link to the please
  3. lol. most of them look like then created something. then just smugded/blur'd a little piece of it like shock the only thing that looks blur'd is that circle in front of that characters hand. but right now im thinking thats just a radial :AlphaChannel: grandient tool :?
  4. ill start off Post your presidents here doesnt even matter if its a person we know i could even be a rat but must include american flag nice!!
  5. i also made something thanks to (eyeball tut ash i believe??)
  6. HELP NEEDED can sum1 direct me to the cartoon effect i need a tut or effect to make sum girl picture look cartoony please help i nneeeedd HELP please help me
  7. i made 1 then lost it ..............HOLD ON HERE IT IS!!
  8. how do i make pics more lively an obtain idea of what to do on pdn
  9. how do THEY DO IT do yall cut it or sumtin? HELP ME PLEASE i wanna put lines and stuff also tell me where you get it
  10. wish i could post something :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: but im using wii llllllllllameeeeee lm@0↓↑→←¥£€→← says thefader™
  11. Blur Tool that that it very helpful that going to effect because it does show that crease like when you use those other blurrs
  12. how bout an magic wand that is on photoshop that you can use to cut out stuff i think its called poly...something wand but its really use full
  13. yea but liike ive been like taking pics an like stuff but whatever i likes it
  14. this looks kinda cool to me tell me what you think i could have done to it
  15. helllllooooooooooooooooooooo is this realistic??????
  16. how do i make a glass orb like dat dude that put it an had waves coming out of it HELP
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