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Image Umbrella: Desktop Art


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I like your second one there -very good job on the highlights - only thing I would fix is the shadow underneath- right now it makes it look like the text is floating above the plane.

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I`ve got this image on my desktop at the moment -


It`s what I think it might be like orbiting near a Saturn like planet. I remember seeing a real pic of Saturn taken by one of the Voyager probes and it showed the shadow of one of the moons on the planet so I added to the image for a touch of realism. I think it worked out OK.



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Here's something that I made based on a dream. Of course my dream version is way better XD I dreamt that I forced a moon-like asteroid from crashing into a planet and repelling it back the way it came from, then later looking inside of the holes on the side of a game machine (like the pinball ones you see at like Chuck-E-Cheese's) and then seeing this awesome blue flame thingy (with solar flares like from the sun) and it had hundreds of moon-like planets circling it because of gravity. I thought the one I repelled came from there XD Well, this is my crappy version of that image, so enjoy X_x

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