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  1. Dude, pretty good gallery, you've learned a lot lately!
  2. very good plugin. Useful! Many thanks!
  3. Thanks for the plugin. Definitely gonna use it!
  4. Very interesting plugins. Thanks!
  5. Looks cool, I'll download this. Many thanks!
  6. I worked on some of the previous logos, and they came out even better... And at this one, I added some shadows... Plus, my favorite brand. Once again, many thanks!
  7. This is a great tutorial, as well a great plugin. Just look at what you can do... I absolutely love it! THANK YOU!
  8. The new Forums looks so nice right now! I just love them! Good job, guys! Have a happy Easter and keep it up like this! Paint.NET rocks!
  9. has not set their status

  10. Thank you, I was waiting for this update! Nice job! Many thanks!