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  1. im a simple guy when it comes to backgrounds, the one im using now is my buddies clothing line logo that i made for him center it with a black background, and tadaa
  2. my buddy has a button machine, like the kind of buttons that you would wear on your leather jacket type of buttons, anyone know the dimensions needed to make a button in PDN? or maybe could whip out a tutorial. i'd ask him but he doesn't make the logo's he just makes the physical buttons
  3. in all honesty my slider was all the way up : / dunno what went wrong
  4. made this a long time ago and i thought i posted it but i guess i didnt ... so here it is
  5. combined the glow line for the first time with this http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=23521 tut and heres what i got
  6. yea the more colorful ones are the non printed ones though, i'll prolly be doing black and white for what we print
  7. revised what do you all think
  8. yea i was thinking that to was thiinking about just taking the text out and leaving just the red outline
  9. so Ive appointed myself flyer man for my friends band The Order of the Fly I'm new at PDN and im new to making fliers so please I'd like to hear your two cents I'll be posting the fliers I'm working on periodically so check back
  10. how would i achieve something like this ive tried the magic wand but i dont get great results. All i seem to get is choppy pixelated <No cursing.> results...
  11. wanted to see how well i would do making a movie poster...with only having this program for a week or so i think i did well was going for the oldie but goodie b-style horror movie feel
  12. is there a source on the web with a lot of free images? like...don't know if i am explaining this right. A place that i could go to if i wanted blood oozing, lightning, or like...icons or anything i could incorporate or put into my paint.net projects. when i use Google images i have to go through tons and tons of pages to get [...] images that when i try to use the magic wand tool it just never comes out right. was just curious if there is a sight that you can easily download little pictures that are made just for the purpose of using in paint.net or adobe or photo shop type programs. hope this makes sense...i am drunk and i'm trying
  13. heres a couple examples , not my work at all borrows from various places http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y174/E ... zagata.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y174/E ... yPants.jpg i would like to achieve things similar to that
  14. dont flipping snap at me Mr admins because i did use "teh all powerful search feature", dont reply with a comment that i didnt look hard enough please. I did look and i did NOT find a useful tut on zombies, or veins, or any other type of photo editing. Please keep all responses useful my question is what is the best way to add Zombie-esque veins or death like deterioration to my photos?
  15. thx a lot Myrddin, ive been looking at the forums for about 2 days so im still new. glad to have a Moderator answer without biting my head off for being new ya know.
  16. my fiancee left and her best friend right couldnt think of anything better to do with the outter black part but i think it came out swell
  17. how would i edit my pictures in such a way to make myself seem like a zombie or something in that manner? maybe not a zombie but just edit my pictures in a general manner?
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