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  1. And finally i found it Portable net framework now you dont need to install it on a pc your using Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/portabledotnet/ Download, Extract, Run the program, Select Paint.Net Executable and click launch. Have fun! (100% guarantee Virusfree!!)
  2. Ok i agree But it`s very very good to start with Maybe a good idea to make a part where tutorials can be placed for beginners?
  3. Dunno why But it has a cool effect so i dont understand why its got locked Nice for beginners right?
  4. I will look Yeah i see You meen the shadow behind the bottle right? Then my conclusion is you should ask Pyrochild or David Atwell or Rick Brewster because i`m such a noob when it comes to those thingys. Glad to help you out
  5. Well i am in a good mood so heres the link! http://users.telenet.be/krisvandermotte ... fects.html Download the full(!!) pack. Think you know how to install plugins right?
  6. Well Actually there is one Its called "Dropshadow". Don`t know if that`s what you`re searching Use search on the forums:D Greatings
  7. there so dammed good looking
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