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  1. Hey, I'm not the only german in here Thanks for your comments! I did 2 new works... I didn't really change much at this NY picture, but i think it looks good like this: And here an retro apple Wallpaper: I know, these aren't very good, but just to update my gallery a bit
  2. Hey, nice things in here I especially like your 4th Wallpaper, looks really cool... Keep going on!
  3. Thanks for your comment, nice to know that there's someone out there :wink: But that picturer is no wallpaper, I've got only this size... [ADDED]
  4. [ADDED] LP-lightbeams maybe this time some comments?
  5. some new stuff: would be very nice if you could comment a bit
  6. [ADDED]A new Linkin Park Wallpaper i made today please give some comments^^
  7. [ADDED] I added a new picture i made yesterday... I played a bit with the Rainbow tutorial
  8. Hey, I really like your Sage Francis sig, really nice! Your other stuff is great,too! Cant wait to see more of your art
  9. thx for your good comments! [ADDED] LP Logo made with the Litebrite tutorial
  10. [ADDED] a new image, (latest image on my first post)
  11. [ADDED]Fan Art Contest Banner
  12. Yes, i know... Would have been better if i had done the text with hand/mousedrawing, too. Thx for your comments!
  13. Thank you for your comments! Thats what i needed^^ In the moment im in Croatia because i have holidays, but i'll show up with some new art when I'm back to Germany. Greetings mas93
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