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Image Umbrella: Desktop Art


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Image Umbrella: Desktop Art

Show your Paint.NET Desktop Image skills here!

Things to keep in mind:

- Try not to post your image right after another user's. Allow some time for people to reply (or give an opinion yourself!)

- Utilize constructive criticism. Being mean is not welcome or tolerated.

- Try for criticism that's more helpful than "looks good" - say why. Say what works, say what can be improved. It'll make everyone's skills better (including yours)!

- By the same token, keep the rules in mind. They will be enforced here just as much as anywhere else.

- Special note from the rules: This is a family-friendly forum. Beautiful women are welcome. Unclothed women are not. Keep your desktops clean.

- Also, please post your desktop image directly (that is, not a screen shot); we want to see your skillz, not your icon slobbery.

- Keep in mind that some users use slower connections.

Please post images wider than 800px as thumbnails or URLs.

Have fun with your large-scale beauties!


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Here's a custom WinXP theme I made for a contest:


(it's not an actual theme just a render)

EDIT: this is a pic of a desktop aswell as a user interface so I didn't know which thread to stick it in haha.


^Click to visit my Flickr Gallery^

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That's excellent, Jake!

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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im was working on a new pc background but ive never finished it lol :D

anyways i made a psp wallpaper and an i pod touch wallpaper a few days ago :D im currently working on a sig in a similar style aswell but anyways here thay are what you think? (click to view full)



so what do you think?


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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