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  1. Dude, pretty good gallery, you've learned a lot lately!
  2. very good plugin. Useful! Many thanks!
  3. Thanks for the plugin. Definitely gonna use it!
  4. Very interesting plugins. Thanks!
  5. Looks cool, I'll download this. Many thanks!
  6. The new Forums looks so nice right now! I just love them! Good job, guys! Have a happy Easter and keep it up like this! Paint.NET rocks!
  7. has not set their status

  8. Thank you, I was waiting for this update! Nice job! Many thanks!
  9. Did exactly as u suggested, and removed the old ones, updated to new versions, and all I get now is this: I see that only EdHarvey effects remains on the list. I can live with that! :wink: Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!
  10. Just did that, but still some of the Ed Harvey Effects are still going wrong: Are the Ed Harvey Effects OK for version 3.5.1? If so, I'll re-download them all back, and see what happens! Anyway, is a little improvement! Thank you for the tip!!!!! Me was so dumb to do that...
  11. Hey all... I was trying to use some effects in PDN, after it updated to 3.5.1. Otherwise is great, and working pretty cool, but this happened to me: Any advice on what to do? Or better, how to remove all these plugins or problems from my PDN so it won't crash anymore...
  12. You should add some screenshots to see exactly what it does. Haven't downloaded it yet, I would love to know more on this.
  13. This looks really cool. Tried it and I like it already! Thanks!
  14. I've been busy working on some sigs... Here they are: I just love Paint.NET
  15. Couple of wallpapers I made using Paint.NET. Click to see... Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Two different themes. Hope you like them...
  16. Thanks... I'm a Bronco fan, so I usually make most of the times, with Bronco players... But I'm planning to make with others too!
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