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  1. Hey, I'm not the only german in here Thanks for your comments! I did 2 new works... I didn't really change much at this NY picture, but i think it looks good like this: And here an retro apple Wallpaper: I know, these aren't very good, but just to update my gallery a bit
  2. Hey, nice things in here I especially like your 4th Wallpaper, looks really cool... Keep going on!
  3. Thanks for your comment, nice to know that there's someone out there :wink: But that picturer is no wallpaper, I've got only this size... [ADDED]
  4. [ADDED] LP-lightbeams maybe this time some comments?
  5. some new stuff: would be very nice if you could comment a bit
  6. [ADDED]A new Linkin Park Wallpaper i made today please give some comments^^
  7. [ADDED] I added a new picture i made yesterday... I played a bit with the Rainbow tutorial
  8. Hey, I really like your Sage Francis sig, really nice! Your other stuff is great,too! Cant wait to see more of your art
  9. thx for your good comments! [ADDED] LP Logo made with the Litebrite tutorial
  10. [ADDED] a new image, (latest image on my first post)
  11. [ADDED]Fan Art Contest Banner
  12. Yes, i know... Would have been better if i had done the text with hand/mousedrawing, too. Thx for your comments!
  13. Thank you for your comments! Thats what i needed^^ In the moment im in Croatia because i have holidays, but i'll show up with some new art when I'm back to Germany. Greetings mas93
  14. Yeah, im new to paint.net, too but its really Grerat! You art is verry good! My favourite piece is "lucky clover"... really great job! Hope wll`ll see some more of your art! Greetings mas93
  15. Dear Visitors, This is my personal "Paint.net Art Gallery". Although I'm very new to Paint.net i thought it could be nice to have an Art Gallery, too. I think it will be very interesting to see how I'm getting better(I hope so). I`ll update my Gallery as often as possible. I would be very glad if you could give me some feedback to my art, or just telling me what i could do better, so i can improve my skills. P.S.: Sry for my bad english but as you can see on my nickname I'm just a 15 year old german boy :wink: Now, finally here`s my art(short discriptions under the pictures): my new signature, done a few day ago. Inspired by a NFS Most Wanted Wallpaper Wallpaper, made for a friend logo for a website, wich never went online xD i tried that crystall effect tutorial "scratchy" avatar for my LP Forum tried to make the picture look older, but failed a bit... my newest piece of art, inspired by mike shinodas "feeding" Fan Art Contest Banner for my Forum Yeah,these are my favourite colours Just played with some layer effects and addnoise... nothing special... I tried the Litebrite tutorial, this is what i got. I tried the "rainbow" tutorial and cuttet out the image of mike shinoda some new stuff: Hope You enjoyed... more coming soon P.S.: Don't forget to post your feedback :wink:
  16. This are 2 headers i made for my Fansite. The first is for the homepage and the second for the Forum. I really would like to get some feedback. Greetings
  17. @Ryu yeah,nice work! I don'T know, im just a beginner, but maybe add some blur, because the image is still a bit empty... P.S.: Would be nice if you could give also some feedback to my wallpapers...
  18. Hi guys, I'm a very beginner to paint.net and this is my first Sig i made. I'd like to get some feedback an suggestions to make it more better, if you have any ideas. Here it is: [EDIT] Ohh, i forgot, this one i made, too: [/EDIT]
  19. Im a great Linkin Park Fan, and these are the latest Wallpapers i made:
  20. Hi all, Can someone tell me how i can make the fire effekt like in this picture in the banner?? Would be too nice if you could tell me Greetings mas93
  21. thanks Bob, the colours and the lines are very good. But the metal look isnt like at the picture. But very much thanks. But it would be very nice, if you could make the background more metall look like in the picture. It should look like a lil bit scratched metal. Thank you mas93
  22. Hi, Can you tell me how i can make something like that: how can i make that orange/brown metal in the background? It would be very nice, if you could tell me how to do that. Greetings mas93
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