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How to Make Graffiti (rewritten)


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it.


This is a rewritten How to make graffiti tutorial by @ptuZ.


This is the final result:



Plugins Required:
Align Object by @moc426 or Align Object by @xod
Outline Object by @BoltBait or Outline Object by @pyrochild


Font Required: On the site dafont.com you can find many graffiti style fonts. I used the Zit Graffiti font.


1. Open (File-Open-Icon.png) a texture image for your background (File -> Open). I used an image of a brick wall.



2. Add a New (Add-New-Layer.png) layer. Set the Primary color to D82515. Select the Text (TextTool.png) tool in the Tools window and type your text in a 144px font.



Note: The Zit Graffiti font does not contain the dot character. I used the Paintbrush (Paint-Brush-Tool.png) tool with a size of about 45 to draw a dot.


3. Duplicate (Duplicate-Layer.png) the current layer. Apply @pyrochild's Outline Object effect (Effects -> Object -> Outline Object) with Width 7, Softness 0, and black color



or apply  @BoltBait's Outline Object effect (Effects -> Object -> Outline Object) with Outline Width 7, Alpha 255, and black color.



4. Apply to the layer the Oil Painting (Oil-Painting-Effect.png) effect (Effects -> Artistic -> Oil Painting) with Brush size 2 and Coarseness 75, then apply the Frosted Glass (Frosted-Glass-Effect.png) effect (Effects -> Distort -> Frosted Glass) with Maximum Scatter Radius 2.35 and Smoothness 4.


6.png       7.png

and we got this image




5. Set the Blend Mode (Properties.png) to Overlay and merge (Merge-Layer-Down.png) this layer with the lower Layer 2. Align the text to the center of the image by applying the Align Object effect (Effects -> Align Object for @moc426's effect or Effects -> Object -> Align Object for @xod's effect).



6. Use the Color Picker (Color-Picker-Tool.png) tool to define the Red color parameters. Use the Paintbrush tool (Paint-Brush-Tool.png) to apply a few strokes that mimic dripping paint.



Set the Blend Mode (Properties.png) to Multiply and Opacity of about 215. Merge (Merge-Layer-Down.png) layer down.


7. Apply the Rotate / Zoom (Rotate-Zoom-Icon.png) effect (Layers -> Rotate / Zoom) with a Twist Radius of 40, X Pan of 0,35, Zoom of 1,10. Check the Tilling box.



and we are done.



Note: All settings described in this tutorial are approximate and depend on image size and the desirable end result.


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9 hours ago, ReMake said:

@Ego Eram Reputo place pdf-file in the right place and replace the link in the first post of the tutorial, please.


Why don't you create your own Dropbox account and use that?

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I'm hosting all the tuts I'm responsible for on Dropbox.

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