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  1. Excellent song by the lotus eaters. Talking of Zoot, here is the king of zoot suits
  2. So where do I find this within the plugin ? I have refreshed and checked for updated filters, but not seen this yet.
  3. Aqua-cycle anyone? Interesting plugin and I have only just used stylise so far, thanks to the dev.
  4. Thanks @null54 that did the trick 😊
  5. The only thing I use is Windows security Centre, never had problems with any other plugins 😕
  6. Hi. Using the latest version of this plugin, Windows 10 (all updated) and when I try to run Johann's plugins I get this error, any idea ?
  7. Thanks Andrew. It looks like an interesting new toy.
  8. Where do I find and download these plugins from please ?
  9. Nice to see faces to posters on here, most not what I would imagine. Not the happiest of bunnies these days, but here is an updated (candid) taken by my eldest girl Svea.
  10. Deleted it. If no one, including skilled users can get it, why should I bother contributing on here?
  11. To all. I used the default 800x600 canvas and shrunk the screenshots down to forum regulation size for the purpose of this tutorial. I'm sorry that your not getting the desired results and sorry that some don't know what flattening an image means, if I had created this tute in my native language or made it multi lingual, then I'm sure it would have been locked or deleted. This is the first tutorial I have made since been a member on here and i have never seen any other beginer level tute torn apart by so many. In the future I will just stick to entering competitions, at least my entry there can't be hijacked or taken over.
  12. With added conditional Hue/Saturation
  13. Well done to all, another great topic and well hosted by @lynxster4