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    How to make a very simple wood texture - deleted

    Someone else can rewrite it then. I'm out of here.
  2. nitenurse79

    How to make a very simple wood texture - deleted

    Deleted it. If no one, including skilled users can get it, why should I bother contributing on here?
  3. nitenurse79

    How to make a very simple wood texture - deleted

    To all. I used the default 800x600 canvas and shrunk the screenshots down to forum regulation size for the purpose of this tutorial. I'm sorry that your not getting the desired results and sorry that some don't know what flattening an image means, if I had created this tute in my native language or made it multi lingual, then I'm sure it would have been locked or deleted. This is the first tutorial I have made since been a member on here and i have never seen any other beginer level tute torn apart by so many. In the future I will just stick to entering competitions, at least my entry there can't be hijacked or taken over.
  4. nitenurse79

    SOTW#188 - Butterflies

  5. nitenurse79

    Night Vision Effect

    With added conditional Hue/Saturation
  6. nitenurse79

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    I'll play along then
  7. nitenurse79

    SOTW#183 - Red ocher's Fur Blur - Winners

    Well done to all, another great topic and well hosted by @lynxster4
  8. nitenurse79

    Fractal Curly Tree (ymd: 180407)

    I like it. Thanks @MadJik
  9. Interesting results Thanks for the share @MadJik
  10. nitenurse79

    SOTW#181 - Valentine's Day - Winners

    Congratulations to all winners/placers and entrants. Great hosting from @lynxster4 too.
  11. nitenurse79

    SOTW#181 - Valentine's Day - Entries

    Blade adapted from This One
  12. nitenurse79

    SOTW#177~Woven Photo~ WINNERS.

    Well done to all placers and all who entered. Fantastic entries from everyone again. Thanks for the hosting @Pixey
  13. nitenurse79

    Happy Birthday Zagna

    Happy Birthday to you @zagna Must be one of the longest serving members on the forum.
  14. nitenurse79

    Pixey's Gallery ~ Glassy Pendant ~

    That's a classy bathroom @Pixey
  15. nitenurse79

    Woven Photo

    Thanks for updating this @Ego Eram Reputo
  16. nitenurse79 4.0.19 is now available

    Just 5 days after the free version though
  17. Any idea when the store version of PDN is going to available for update ? Almost three days since it was available in it's classic version.
  18. nitenurse79

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    My 2 cents, if folk want to create a large amount of potential entries, then just pick your fave 3 you have created and post the rest in your galleries where there is a good chance more people will see them and also comment on them. Again, just my 2 cents.
  19. nitenurse79

    SOTW#173 ~ NIGHT-TIME - Winners ~

    Well done @Pixey & @MadJik also to all other entrants, nice entries from all Thanks for the hosting duties @Pixey