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How to make graffiti


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Hi, here's a tut on how to do graffiti like this:


First, start of with almost any texture you want, i'm gonna use this brick wall:


After you chosen your texture you need a font, there are many free fonts on dafont.com i'm using this one:

Write your text on a new layer:


Use paint bucket :PaintBucket: to fill the empty spaces of the text with colors (if your font doesnt have empty spaces you can just color the whole letters):


Now you need some "dripping" lines to make it look more realistic, use this settings (you can use thicker/thinner lines depending on your font size): 74299118.jpg

And make stripes like these:


Now use the effect Oil Painting like this:


And Frosted Glass like this:


Now you will have something like this:


We're almost done now but to make it look likes it "blends" with the wall, duplicate :DuplicateLayer: the text layer and on the bottom layer you choose blend mode: Overlay, and on the top layer you choose blend mode: Multiply and you lower the opacity a bit.

Note: This can also be achieved with the Displacement and Alpha mask plugin

Now you'll end up with this:


You can do this on almost any texture and i think it looks reall good on theonlychad's concrete texture tutorial

ex. grafitti100.jpg

(not text only i know but it will lok good with only text too) :)

Please post your own results :D

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I really like the outcome, but some new people might not want to use the same font as you and that font might not have the space in it like yours does, so I recommend adding a little part on that.

Very simple (which is good because its meant for newbies), and its very realistic..


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Nice outcome! When I read the title I immediately though of this tut: Graphiti on a wall, but this is quite a different way of creating something in the same vein.

Only thing you might like to add is a note that Displacement and Alpha Mask plugin might be used to good effect in place of the blending step.

Well written, great screenshots, posted in the right area - you get all the right ticks in the right boxes! You get my diagona.032.png of approval. Good job.

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If you are using a font that doesn't have room for color, one possible solution is to do a shadow effect(also can be used for a 3D effect). When placing your text try selecting a dark color like black. Place and size the text where you want it then deactivate and reactivate the text tool. Change your primary color (I'm using red) and place it on top of you black text, but slightly off set (in any direction you want) and then follow the rest of the tutorial.wall_logo.jpg

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Thanks! Great tutorial, I like the way you did this without plugins.

To me this is very useful, easy and simple for a newbie to understand, and a good thing to master.

I think I finally have found my graphics editor. PDN is a powerful tool, and the community around it seems to be great. :D

I excuse for my bad english!

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I started with one tutorial, mixed it up with yours, but still kind of like the outcome. I can see where this could be used and pretty cool! Thanks for the write up!!


Click to enlarge... looks better bigger.


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