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Align Object Plugin - Updated 06/17/2007

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Ok here it is, this plugin will align your drawing on the canvas OR to your selection. Let me know of any bugs, comments ... etc.

updated 06/17/2007


performance tweak. barkbark00, I think you should see the performance issue gone, but let me know.

updated 06/13/2007

v1.5 - the download link should give you the new dll. the source is not latest, will add that later.

Added horizontal, vertical and both options.

New user interface. Default option is Middle Center.

Better Performance???

Preview still doesn't work right but you don't really need a preview, you know what will happen! But maybe one day I can fix that. NOTE: If the preview is messed up, click the same option again, it should fix the preview.

If you find bugs let me know ... I will see what I can do.




Download the Zip file at the bottom of this post (old link: download dll)

edit: added source, this source is old. latest source added on 10/15/2007, forgot to add this a while ago.

download source.

Currently you can align Left, Center, Right, Top, Middle or Bottom.

To do combinations such as Top Left, you need to run the plugin twice, once for each mode.

The preview for Top, Middle and Bottom is screwy, I still get very confused with the way pdn splits the image into rectangles and runs them in parallel so the preview ends up erasing some parts it shouldn't but when you apply it works correctly. Maybe I can get some help from Rick himself on this later or anyone else who may be able to.

Here are some screenshots:




Aligned Left



Aligned Top Left




Center and Middle





Download Here:


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Hey I didn't seen it at first sight! Thanks Barkbark for pointing it!

And thank you, moc426 for writing this plugin.

I need to test it a little but I think it can be a must have.

No. Way. I've just seen Bob. And... *poof!*—just like that—he disappears into the mist again. ~Helio

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Yah if I can make it do 2 functions same time then I can change the interface, which it doesn't currently do. That would need another row or column of buttons though, because you may want to just center (left to right) and not middle (top and bottom) or 3 center buttons. meaning center vertically, center horizontally and center both.

How about an interface like this?


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Yah thats what I meant about the preview not working. Try clicking the same Button again, it should fix the preview. i.e. if you did top, click top again, it will render it correctly the 2nd time in the preview.

No object drawn...Disappeared !

I've retried. It's the rendering that doesn't show properly...

After OK it's correct!

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