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  1. Thanks everyone! I've actually had a change of heart about socks some time ago. Nice, warm, fuzzy, comfy socks...gimme. (oh god I'm getting old)
  2. Hello! This tutorial was locked, cause there weren't any pictures. But he added them. Please unlock this post i really want to comment on it. Ty


    1. toe_head2001


      I did no such thing.

    2. Foxxey


      oh yeah sry

    3. Foxxey


      can you please unlock this topic?

  3. Hey Pyro, gotta say I love all the plugins you've made, they're really helpful!
    Can I bring up something from the dead and ask for a quick tweak to be made to the Outline plugin from 2007?
    Right under the "Angled" checkbox, can there be another one (that disables itself if you click angled)
    called "No Diagonals", where it only outlines up down left and right, and not the corners?
    I use this plugin to help me outline certain sections of pixel art and I have to erase the diagonals manually after doing it with this method.
    Can't have those ugly stairs, after all!
    To sweeten the deal, I'll have you know I'm not currently wearing socks ;)
    I'd do it myself, but I have no idea what the coding language is, and don't have the original source code either.

  4. By time traveling 10 years into the past, then writing the Liquify plugin yourself since it didn't exist back when 3.36 was a reasonable version of Paint.NET to be using
  5. Thanks everyone! I could actually use some warmer socks... I hope somebody got me socks... *sigh*
  6. Hi brother your the first one I was able to download and I even paid someone else. You Offer allot thank you & God Bless You , Joe

  7. I don't have Photoshop. Could you attach: A .msh exported from Photoshop Dimensions of the image it was created for Before and after image of the mesh's distortion Then I can take a look... no promises
  8. Click the color wheel on the left side of the window to open the background and color settings, then check [x] From Clipboard
  9. Splatter and the other canvas plugins have a zoom setting at the top of the window, and respond to ctrl+scroll and pinch zoom as well.
  10. Hello! I tried installing your plugin but it gives an error message "I can't find your pallette"


    I have Paint.net version 4.0.21 from the Windows store.





  11. I don't have time to get to this right now but in the meantime I just put it up on GitHub so have at it: https://github.com/bsneeze/pdn-trail
  12. Update! New: saving a preset includes all settings in the dialog Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException when getting too wild with the gradient handles Fix crash on loading a bad file Fix transparent color if nodes overlap Fix: Default preset would sometimes remember changes made while it was active Fix crash if spread or reverse functions are used with 1 or 0 colors Installer: New: now supports installing plugins for Window Store version of paint.net New: add option to start paint.net after successful installation
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