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  1. Happy Birthday BB & EER

    Happy Borthdays!!!
  2. Happy Birthday....Pyrochild!

    Thanks for all the socks, y'all!
  3. pyrochild plugins (2017-08-15)

    Do you have repro steps on that crash or at least a vague idea of what you were doing when it happened?
  4. Video Gaming Thread

    Cuphead is such a beautifully animated game, but it is so hard!
  5. pyrochild plugins (2017-08-15)

    ok... uh... oops... dang it.... fixed
  6. Gradient Grid

    There's a zip file in the main post
  7. Make a Jet Turbine

    Here's a full version of the GridGrad plugin, which shouldn't crash: <pedantic voice> The blades at the front of a turbojet engine are the compressor. The turbine is at the back, being powered by the exhaust. Turbojet: The jet engines on commercial aircraft are turbofans, so the front blades are the fan: </pedantic voice>
  8. pyrochild plugins (2017-08-15)

    You should be able to achieve this with the Range sliders
  9. pyrochild plugins (2017-08-15)

    Fleshed out into a full plugin, Gradient Grid:
  10. Gradient Grid

    Download from my plugin set Effects -> Render -> Gradient Grid... Download from my plugin set For developers: Gradient Grid is on GitHub!
  11. pyrochild plugins (2017-08-15)

    GridGrad was just a quick throwaway CodeLab script. I seem to recall someone made a better version so I never fleshed it out into a full plugin in my pack. @Ego Eram Reputo would probably know. If not, I can try to find the source or write it again and put it in the pack...
  12. Happy Birthday Rick Brewster!

    Woo! Happy (late) birthday!
  13. Grid Warp

    added enhancement request
  14. Nice use of Grid Warp. Looks great!
  15. Grid Warp

    I can't repro this. Is that the full exception? Is there a log? Is it crashing Paint.NET or just the plugin?