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  1. CodeLab 4.2 in Russian You can find the new version of CodeLab in Russian here. Вы можете найти новую версию CodeLab на русском языке здесь.
  2. @Enormator author of previous plugins (see my comment).
  3. This plugin is the result of discussion. You can find it: Effects -> Tools -> Center Lines This plugin allows you to draw centerlines on the added layer in the center of the canvas or in the center of the selected area. You can also change the center of centerlines relative to the canvas or relative to the selected area. The Color's drop-down list allows you to select a line color: Primary, or Secondary, or Custom.
  4. I don't want to seem Intrusive, but... @Enormator is the author of plugins Centerlines.dll and Centerlines 2.dll (and some others). @HyReZ, you got this plugin through a link from a topic Enormators Effects when the link was available. Yes, the files Centerlines.dll and Centerlines 2.dll on the website officially were not published, but a saved copy of a topic tells that the files was available on another site.
  5. Happy Birthday, @xod! I wish you new creative successes.
  6. Beautiful work, maestro! Wonderful game of light. I agree, sometimes simple forgotten tutorials lead to unexpected new results.
  7. Your 'Big Bang' looks great.
  8. About Pleasantville effect see also How To Use Color Range effect.
  9. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial is based on Explosion by @Ben_R_R and rewritten to restore lost images. You will need a Magnifier plugin by @MadJik. We'll try to create an explosion like this: Create a new image (File -> New ) with a size of 800x600 px. Apply Clouds effect (Effects -> Render -> Clouds ) with the default settings. Duplicate layer . Apply Bulge effect (Effects -> Distort -> Bulge ) to the top layer and set the Bulge amount to 100. Set the layer blending mode to Xor. Apply Bulge effect (Effects -> Distort -> Bulge ) to the bottom layer and set the Bulge amount to -200. Merge layers . You should get this: Duplicate layer . Apply Zoom Blur effect (Effects -> Blurs -> Zoom Blur ) to the top layer and set the Zoom Amount to 75. Set the layer blending mode to Lighten. Apply Curves adjustment (Adjustments -> Curves ) with RGB mode to the layer. Now you should get this: Duplicate the top layer . Apply Dents effect (Effects -> Distort -> Dents ) to the top layer and set the Scale amount to 35. Apply Gaussian Blur effect (Effects -> Blurs -> Gaussian Blur ) to the top layer and set the Radius amount to 12. Go to the bottom layer. Apply Curves adjustment (Adjustments -> Curves) with Luminosity mode to the layer. Apply Magnifier effect (Effects -> Distort -> Magnifier), set the Quality amount to 5 and check the Delete background check box. Apply Rotate / Zoom (Layers -> Rotate / Zoom) and set the Zoom amount to 0,65. Apply Curves adjustment (Adjustments -> Curves ) with RGB mode. Apply Brightness / Contrast adjustment (Adjustments -> Brightness / Contrast ), set the Brightness amount to -55 and Contrast amount to 70. Add a new layer () between the two top layers. Set the layer blending mode to Additive. Set Colors to Black and White . Select the Gradient () Tool with Radial () type and draw a circle in the center of the layer. Invert the colors (Adjustments -> Invert Colors or use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I) as shown below. Merge layers from top to bottom . The final image should look like this: All the above effect settings are approximate and depend on your preferences.
  10. It's nice to know that old simple tutorials can be interesting.
  11. You're beautiful! I wish you understanding your family and friends!
  12. Effects-MegaloPack.Paint.NET.v18 contains Centerlines.dll (from 14.06.2008). Yes, plugins must be distributed with the permission of the authors. I always got permission from the plugin authors in advance before publishing russian version of their plugins on the site.
  13. @HyReZ is right. The website has a collection of best_effects.rar that contains the Centerlines 2.dll file (published in 2008). I also found the Centerline.dll file in my archives which is a full copy of the Centerlines 2.dll file or Vice versa. Both of these files are unofficial and came, in my opinion, from MegaloPack. In fairness it should be said that both effects are quite workable and do not cause problems with virus protection.
  14. In any case the ruler lines on any layer will always have the Primary color which will be set before the Center Lines effect runs.