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  1. I just found out what it means. Subtly noted. Sorry for off topic.
  2. Perhaps the technique described in the 3d advanced curved text tutorial will help you.
  3. Russian-language jargon will also be incomprehensible to English-speaking members. Otherwise, the impression of your vulgarity may arise.
  4. Or replace the faulty left mouse button.
  5. For the avif format, the Quality label and its slider are swapped in the Save Configuration dialog box. Is this correct?
  6. I think no one will mind, and we will look forward to the new tutorial.
  7. In the first post after 'Plugins required:' the plugin was specified incorrectly. Should be Displacement by @MadJik instead of Displacement and Alpha Mask by @Bleek II.
  8. I use the Unlocker program in such cases.
  9. Minor changes: both interfaces (English and Russian) in one file, updated the help file.
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