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  1. Which particular plugin from this plugin pack caused you disappointment? After the update paint.net to version 4.3.2, some effects have become non-working. If you point to a specific plugin, the developers will very likely be able to fix it so that in the future other users (including you) will not be disappointed in this effect. Although there may be other reasons for your failure.
  2. How I converted all my effects for NET 5.0: 1. Run CodeLab 6.3 2. In the default script in the comment // Name: type the name of your plugin (f.e. MyEffect). 3. Save the script with this name. 4. Then File -> Build DLL -> Generate VS Solution. 5. Open MyEffect solution in VS 2019, then open MyEffect.cs. 6. Open your old MyEffect.cs in any text editor. 7. Move all the code blocks from the text editor sequentially to the new MyEffect.cs. 8. Delete unused references and dependencies. If necessary, fix the errors. 9. Your new project is ready. For me, this algorithm seemed to be the simplest solution for converting old projects into new ones. It takes a little time and requires minimal effort to fix old scripts. For many of my effects, it would be enough to build an effect in CodeLab, but all my effects have a UI in two languages, so I use VS.
  3. This is an update of the original and slightly forgotten Alpha Transform plugin by @DW-dev. See changelog below. This effect can be useful for creating an alpha mask of an image. You can find it under Adjustments -> Alpha Transform This effect allows you to operate with the alpha value of a pixel based on an estimate of the maximum value of the R, G or B components (RGB color model) or its perceived brightness (YCbCr or YUV color model). The pixel brightness range is determined by two thresholds. Pixels with brightness less the lower limit get alpha set to 0 (fully transparent). Pixels with brightness more the upper limit get alpha set to 255 (fully opaque). Pixels with brightness in the range between the lower and upper limits get alpha set to a value between 0 and 255 depending on their brightness. Before: After: Color Model - a way to estimate the brightness of a pixel: RGB - by the maximum value of R, G, or B. YCbCr, YUV - by perceived pixel brightness. Set Alpha = 0 ... and Set Alpha = 255 ... is define the thresholds for changing the Alpha value. Invert Alpha values - switch between alpha and color. Replace RGB with Color - color selection: Source - without color replacement Primary / Secondary / Custom - colors that replace the source color. AlphaTransform.zip CodeLab Source Thanks to everyone who helped me create the interface of this effect. Changelog v1.2 (October 14, 2021) Added a drop-down list of color models. Changed behavior of Set Alpha... sliders(MinMax dependency). Added a color selection drop-down list. Changed the behavior of the Grayscale Alpha checkbox. v1.1 by @DW-dev (September 15, 2009) Initial release
  4. Take a look here, maybe you have the same or similar situation.
  5. Updated Help in Japanese. Thanks to @Hira for the kindly provided translation of the Help text in Japanese.
  6. If this subforum was created, then now it would be possible to move the Shapes subforum to it, my thread 'Presets for Gradient Mapping' to the Effect Presets subforum, the thread 'Color Palettes go here' to the Palettes subforum, the thread 'Share Your Custom Paint.NET Brushes' to the Brushes subforum. Later, these subforums will gradually fill up. The Textures subforum can be left blank for now. I am sure that some members use patterns and textures in their works and they could share these patterns and texts. EDIT: When I said 'new subforum, for example, Associated Files - Publishing ONLY!' I meant Forum (translation difficulties).
  7. This topic is also my experience. I have acquired new information and new skills. Thanks.
  8. Yes, because the thread 'Presets for Gradient Mapping' is in the wrong place. I once searched for this thread myself via Find Content. It is for this reason that I suggested creating a new subforum.
  9. @MJW, you beat me to it while I was working with the translator.
  10. @midora, I take back my words. Yes, these two expressions are not equivalent. Your code works flawlessly. I looked it over carefully and fixed my code a bit. Now my code works too. Thank you for your efforts and your time spent.
  11. @midora thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, this does not work, because your proposed version of writing the rule is equivalent to this: List<PropertyCollectionRule> propRules = new List<PropertyCollectionRule>() { new ReadOnlyBoundToBooleanRule(PropertyNames.Mode, PropertyNames.Gray, true), new ReadOnlyBoundToNameValuesRule(PropertyNames.CustomColor, true, (PropertyNames.Gray, false), (PropertyNames.Mode, ModeOptions.CustomColor)), }; The color wheel is still always active.
  12. Perhaps I am trying to achieve something unattainable, but in my opinion, the last change did not lead to a change in the behavior of the controls, which I described above in the first post. On the contrary, the Color Wheel is now always active regardless of the drop-down list item. Maybe I'm so stupid that I couldn't figure out the logic of Indirect UI rules. Can any of the developers give me an example of writing an IndirectUI rule that would allow the Color Wheel to be active if and only if the Custom item is selected in the drop-down list and the Gray checkbox is not checked?
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