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  1. ReMake

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    It's grandiose! Now this is a full calendar. Thank you!
  2. ReMake

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    A few lines in CodeLab and we have a Calendar Creator with a "Red" Days (weekend). Of course, it's not an optimum code and somebody could correct it.
  3. ReMake

    Color Range Test

    Please, go to the How To Use Color Range effect tutorial, where you will get more information. To moderators: I think this topic may be closed.
  4. ReMake

    Color Range Test

    I don't understand what you mean.
  5. Hey, Kris! I hope you will read this message. We remember and apply your wonderful effects!
  6. ReMake

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    It is better to do it by means of PM.
  7. ReMake

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    What do you mean when you say "There are no translations of the month"
  8. ReMake

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    The calendar for the Russian version of Windows looks like this: Great work!
  9. ReMake

    Colour Distort

    Replace this character set (33045_f8b25a87b860960077bc2f719f37f3bb) with Colour or type Colour instead of the character set in the File name field.
  10. ReMake

    DDS files not available

    In my v4.0.21 the dds extension is present by default. I think you should reinstall, previously clearing all its tracks.
  11. ReMake

    DDS files not available

    @Meridiano, show a screenshot of the contents of your installation folder, please. Did you remove other language packs yourself, manually?
  12. ReMake

    Ukrainian localization

    What kind of problem are you talking about? Ukrainian interface localization you can find at this link.
  13. ReMake

    Color change in white

    Try using the Color Range effect and see How To Use Color Range effect.