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  1. Original work @Vagabondi. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Happy Birthday @xod and good luck with everything. 🥂
  3. Tim, thanks to your activity on the forum, many people will probably try to find out what Wales is and why it is Cymru. Probably someone will be interested in the difficult history of your state, the people of which managed to preserve their identity. Small Nations do not happen when they have such talented people like You.
  4. As a citizen and patriot of my state, I cannot remain indifferent to your work, which is as always thought out in detail. Thanks for sharing, @welshblue.
  5. Interesting solution. Thanks for sharing, @Vagabondi.
  6. Nice to hear. I hope now you change the Location.
  7. CodeLab 4.4 in Russian You can find the new version of CodeLab in Russian here. Вы можете найти новую версию CodeLab на русском языке здесь.
  8. In my opinion Plugin Browser is the effective solution to the problem with a minimum of effort.
  9. Excellent work. You have a good spatial imagination and you use effects well. Unexpected for a beginner.
  10. I like this idea. Probably Yes, because that will accumulate the experience in coding. But in any case, it should be possible to re-enable this feature. I use all three methods equally.