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  1. If I had seen this image elsewhere, I would have thought it was a photo of a real spark plug!
  2. Paint.NET unlike Photoshop, it is a free program developing by one person - Rick Brewster, unlike Photoshop team development. However, there are enough plugin developers (coders) on the forum who may be able to help you in response to your request for the plugin you need. Remember that possibilities Paint.NET not comparable to the possibilities of Photoshop. Take a look at Plugin Index - maybe you will find what you need. Some plugins have analogues (full or not full) of Photoshop plugins.
  3. Yes, it's an interesting method, and @yellowman left us a mini tutorial. @MJW, thank you for the reminder.
  4. Thank you @Woodsy, It was not difficult because @kaunas163 left a link to the video tutorial and I just refreshed the text and images.
  5. Happy Birthday @doughty, and all the best!
  6. Added Variant 6 and completed.
  7. @Pixey & @Seerose, beautiful outcomes!
  8. Added Variants 4 and 5. Thanks @Woodsy for the idea of variants!
  9. Upgrade to version 1.2 Fixed a bug where when setting Amount to less than or equal to 100% the image was grayed out.
  10. Replace line: <Gradient xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> with line: <Gradient xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" LockAlpha="true"> Note the space between the quotes and LockAlpha - it must be present.