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  1. ReMake

    Ukrainian localization

    I have completed the translation. Also I clarified 12 phrases that contain the English word 'default' because Google or Microsoft offer equivalent (За замовчуванням) is absolutely no sense in the Ukrainian language.
  2. ReMake

    Ukrainian localization

    I'll finish today.
  3. ReMake

    Ukrainian localization

    ReMake - is it possible or should I create another name?
  4. ReMake

    Ukrainian localization

    Yes, this is a full translation for 4.1. Yes, of course. I think this will stimulate new Ukrainian members to join the PDN.
  5. ReMake

    Ukrainian localization

    Я обновил файл (см. предыдущее сообщение) с учетом двух новых эффектов в версии 4.1.
  6. ReMake

    Alpha Levels

    Thanks @xod
  7. ReMake

    Alpha Levels

    I can't repro the result as in your gif-file. Can you give details of using your effect with images.
  8. CodeLab 4.0 in Russian You can find the new version of CodeLab in Russian here. Вы можете найти новую версию CodeLab на русском языке здесь.
  9. ReMake

    How it's made (Sponge effect)

    Yes, BoltBait is right, you did not have enough references. The idea proposed toe_head2001 I really like - is a lot easier. Here is a list of necessary and sufficient references for this effect: PaintDotNet.Base PaintDotNet.Core PaintDotNet.Data PaintDotNet.Effects System System.Drawing System.Windows.Forms Good luck.
  10. ReMake

    AndrewDavid Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday @AndrewDavid!
  11. ReMake 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    This is strange, but today I can not reproduce it. Perhaps it was some random event. If this happens again, I will record the sequence of my actions.
  12. ReMake 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    The Tools window is always on top of all windows for other applications.
  13. With all my heart happy birthday, @flaner!
  14. ReMake

    Ukrainian localization

    Я подготовил файл интерфейса на украинском языке. Распакуйте архив и поместите его в папку Если кто-либо из украиноязычных пользователей сможет протестировать этот перевод и дать свои отзывы, замечания, предложения, то в в ближайшее время может появиться официальная украинская версия интерфейса.