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  1. Happy Birthday, @Drydareelin and all the best!
  2. This has always been the case (as far as I can remember; I started with version 3.5.11). In this case, the interface does not depend on and his changes, but depends on number of whitespaces, which the author effect placed between words Magenta and Green. It is logical to assume that if the words Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are tied to the left edge, then the words Red, Green and Blue should be aligned to the right - take a look at the interface of the Color Balance effect by @BoltBait. The last time @dpy was at the forum in July 2016. Try to send him a private message, maybe he will respond to your request to change the interface. Although I do not consider this situation a bug.
  3. Fixed variant 7 and added variant 8.
  4. I simplified the tutorial a bit for variants 1, 2, and 3 by changing the Emboss+ effect settings to eliminate inverting colors.
  5. Added Variant 7. I was sure I had finished this tutorial, but today I found the effect that interested me - MultiSpline by @Red ochre. Using this effect can give you a great choice for creating embossed textures. Thank you @Red ochre for this good effect. Perhaps this tutorial is getting cumbersome, but I'm not sure that this was the last variant.
  6. Welcome back to the forum, @Xhin! Interesting effect. I think it will be useful in many cases.
  7. I am using the tutorial "how to use color range effect". I am stuck with the first step: run the color range effect (effects->color->color range). My does not have color under the effects drop down menu. The automatic update is on that check for updates when starting the program. What am I missing?  Did I post this properly? Thank You    George



    1. ReMake


      First of all you need to download the effect from Color Range effect topic. Then install the effect (see HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS).

  8. @lynxster4, Align Object by @xod located in the menu Effects -> Object, but Align Object by @moc426 really is on the menu Effects.
  9. All the best on your Birthday, @AndrewDavid!
  10. I think this feature will be useful, even for a few encoders. Most likely, this feature will help us to quickly master Snippets in Visual Studio. I want this.
  11. Thanks for the PDF, @Woodsy.