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  1. I have a biased attitude towards Dropbox. I moved the pdf-file to an English-language site.
  2. @Ego Eram Reputo place pdf-file in the right place and replace the link in the first post of the tutorial, please.
  3. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to download it. This is a rewritten How to make graffiti tutorial by @ptuZ. This is the final result: Plugins Required: Align Object by @moc426 or Align Object by @xod Outline Object by @BoltBait or Outline Object by @pyrochild Font Required: On the site dafont.com you can find many graffiti style fonts. I used the Zit Graffiti font. 1. Open () a texture image for your background (File -> Open). I used an image of a brick wall. 2. Add a New () layer. Set the Primary color to D82515. Select the Text () tool in the Tools window and type your text in a 144px font. Note: The Zit Graffiti font does not contain the dot character. I used the Paintbrush () tool with a size of about 45 to draw a dot. 3. Duplicate () the current layer. Apply @pyrochild's Outline Object effect (Effects -> Object -> Outline Object) with Width 7, Softness 0, and black color or apply @BoltBait's Outline Object effect (Effects -> Object -> Outline Object) with Outline Width 7, Alpha 255, and black color. 4. Apply to the layer the Oil Painting () effect (Effects -> Artistic -> Oil Painting) with Brush size 2 and Coarseness 75, then apply the Frosted Glass () effect (Effects -> Distort -> Frosted Glass) with Maximum Scatter Radius 2.35 and Smoothness 4. and we got this image 5. Set the Blend Mode () to Overlay and merge () this layer with the lower Layer 2. Align the text to the center of the image by applying the Align Object effect (Effects -> Align Object for @moc426's effect or Effects -> Object -> Align Object for @xod's effect). 6. Use the Color Picker () tool to define the Red color parameters. Use the Paintbrush tool () to apply a few strokes that mimic dripping paint. Set the Blend Mode () to Multiply and Opacity of about 215. Merge () layer down. 7. Apply the Rotate / Zoom () effect (Layers -> Rotate / Zoom) with a Twist Radius of 40, X Pan of 0,35, Zoom of 1,10. Check the Tilling box. and we are done. Note: All settings described in this tutorial are approximate and depend on image size and the desirable end result.
  4. The Russian version of the interface also has bugs. I recompiled the effect. This is the same version 1.1 (in my case 1.1.1) with fixed texts and decoration of the interface controls and the addition of help. The effect interface has three languages: English, Russian, and Japanese. The help text for the Japanese version is in English. I would be very grateful if someone from the Japanese-speaking forum members would provide me with the text in Japanese. In this case, I will recompile the effect again. dpyColorBalancePlus.zip
  5. I confirm, now paint.net doesn't crash. Thank you for the update.
  6. This crash log is obtained when running the effect with the checked 'Use Edge Opacity in Determining Distance' on an image that does not have transparency areas. This is not a disadvantage of the effect. The crash log is provided for information. Thanks @MJW and @Red ochre for this useful effect. It will also be useful for those who adapt Photoshop tutorials to paint.net.
  7. 7-Zip is the only archiver that could open the file StyleTransferEffect-Installer.exe. Right click on StyleTransferEffect-Installer.exe and select Extract. In the StyleTransferEffect-Installer folder that the archiver created, select the files shown in the image below (including the folder with your native language file). Move these files to your folder Documents\paint.net App Files\Effects. But... After applying this effect, you will get the following error message: Unfortunately, @Pat L last visited the forum on January 17, 2020. However, he was on github three weeks ago. You can tell him there about the detected failure and maybe he will fix the problem.
  8. See Blend Modes in paint.net documentation.
  9. This is the original source code for CodeLab by @eekysam <deleted, see the first post> and icon
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