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  1. In this version paint.net for all color themes except Dark, the Color Wheel markers became white and invisible against the background of the Interface window.
  2. The installer will be done soon as soon as I put all my effects in a pack.
  3. I added some images. All presets were applied to a linear black-and-white gradient. The sample presets are arranged in row from left to right in the same order as they are in the zip file (each subsequent lower row is a continuation of the previous upper row).
  4. I stopped using the Cloud a while ago. It is difficult for me to explain my biased attitude towards this service.
  5. Photoshop's gradient presets have an extension .grd, it is unlikely that "free" Photoshop has damaged your presets folder for paint.net with the .xml extension.
  6. Happy New Year! @Pixey , click on the drop-down list of presets and select Manage presets. In the dialog box that opens, compare the names of presets (xml files) with the names of presets in the drop-down list. The drop-down list must contain the same names without the xml extension. I don't really know the reason for changing the name of the presets in your case. This may be the result of a file decompressor program, or some other software.
  7. Pay attention to the Text Distortion plugin by @xod.
  8. The effect has been updated to version 1.1. With some settings in the previous version, the image looked posterized. @Reptillian kindly gave me a suggestion on how to improve the effect. Now the image looks smoother. Thanks to @Reptillian for his assistance. Download the new version of the effect from the first post.
  9. This effect is similar to the Photoshop's Dynamic Contrast filter and allows you to create images with high contrast. You can find this effect in Adjustments menu. DynamicContrast.zip Amount - the range of adjustment of contrast. Threshold - sets the threshold for enabling a color (and its shades) or a mixture of colors in the Blue -> Red -> Green direction. Intensity - sets the pixel intensity of the image. When Amount = 0, the Threshold and Intensity controls have no effect on the image and are therefore disabled.
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