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  1. I am familiar with the condition of people experiencing these symptoms - my wife is disabled for more than 26 years. @Pixey, help of family, attention and support of friends will help you recover. @Woodsy, thank you that bring this topic.
  2. These two phrases below give the answer to your question (bold italics mine).
  3. I propose to consider and test an enhanced version of PS Emboss effect by @Cookies. Currently you can find it in Effects -> Test -> Emboss+ For comparison, I used a smaller copy of the image from the original post by @Cookies: PS Emboss result with default settings: Photoshop's Emboss result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: Emboss+ result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: A few more images to compare with the following settings: Angle - 135, Height - 10, Amount - 110. Original image: PS Emboss: Photoshop's Emboss: Emboss+: In my opinion, the result of Emboss+ is closer to the Photoshop Emboss result.
  4. Thank you all for your friendly congratulations. Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my family. Today is my grandson's Birthday, so the holiday continues.
  5. Bravo, Maestro! Let the inspiration always be around you.
  6. Sorry, I was wrong. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. In the Index, missing plugins Bevel Plugin and Anti-alias Plugin by @jsonchiu
  8. See
  9. CodeLab 4.2 in Russian You can find the new version of CodeLab in Russian here. Вы можете найти новую версию CodeLab на русском языке здесь.
  10. @Enormator author of previous plugins (see my comment).
  11. This plugin is the result of discussion. You can find it: Effects -> Tools -> Center Lines This plugin allows you to draw centerlines on the added layer in the center of the canvas or in the center of the selected area. You can also change the center of centerlines relative to the canvas or relative to the selected area. The Color's drop-down list allows you to select a line color: Primary, or Secondary, or Custom.
  12. I don't want to seem Intrusive, but... @Enormator is the author of plugins Centerlines.dll and Centerlines 2.dll (and some others). @HyReZ, you got this plugin through a link from a topic Enormators Effects when the link was available. Yes, the files Centerlines.dll and Centerlines 2.dll on the website officially were not published, but a saved copy of a topic tells that the files was available on another site.
  13. Happy Birthday, @xod! I wish you new creative successes.
  14. Beautiful work, maestro! Wonderful game of light. I agree, sometimes simple forgotten tutorials lead to unexpected new results.
  15. Your 'Big Bang' looks great.