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  1. In the old plugins that did not have this option it is sufficient to add this line after // URL: and // Help: // Force Single Render Call Now if you are curious to see the code created, click on View Source when you build the plugin and see that the line has been added automatically. public YourNameEffectPlugin () : base (StaticName, StaticIcon, SubmenuName, new EffectOptions () {Flags = EffectFlags.Configurable, RenderingSchedule = EffectRenderingSchedule.None}) { }
  2. Until now, to avoid the situation mentioned by @Marcsine, I was putting the code in the OnSetRenderInfo routine (working in Visual Studio). Thanks Rick for this very useful information.
  3. Thank you all. At the age of 51 I have to take care of my soul. I think I waste too much time on useless things.
  4. Thanks for this update! Maybe in a later version this message will be resized on two lines of text to avoid the appearance of this extremely long window.
  5. Plugins created with OptionBasedLibrary can remember the location so the next time you open the dialog, it will appear where you want it.
  6. You can use the free ScanTailor software that has a Dewarping function and also a light equalization function.
  7. Hi, lynxster4.

    I try to avoid posting on the official thread the plugins whose code is taken from the internet and adapted by me for PDN.
    I think that's fair play.
    The code of this plugin was found here:


    1. lynxster4


      Oh yes, I now remember you saying that you adapted code for some of your plugins.

      Couldn't you still officially release them and just give the original author credit?

      Nevertheless, you're doing a fantastic job gifting these to the PDN community.

      Keep up the good work!  :) :star:

  8. Thank you all. I have posted a new version with several options.
  9. This plugin allows you to write text along a curve. There are only four control points. The plugin is located in Effects -> Text Formations. As usual, you need the two OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dlc and OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dll files. Download
  10. I used with slight modifications the method that @Pixey indicated. It is an example of a fast execution without tweaks. For example, the tie shows the flower petal in the original image. Sure you can save the image without any problem, but I think it's best to process it yourself.