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  1. Happy Birthday @Rick Brewster and thank you for giving us this wonderful software!
  2. I think I'm at the age where I have to start taking care of my soul, because I've taken care of my body all my life. In fact, the spiritual life can begin much earlier because no one guarantees that you will reach old age. „The Soul After Death” by Fr. Seraphim Rose. „Genesis, Creation and Early Man. The Orthodox Christian Vision” by Fr. Seraphim Rose. „Truth: What Every Roman Catholic Should Know About the Orthodox Church” by Clark Carlton.
  3. >> snip << Thank you very much @xod for the File now on the first page.
  4. Sorry, I forgot that I posted these plugins in the dedicated topic. Yes, it's about updates. I ask a moderator to be kind enough to fix these mistakes of mine and erase them.
  5. 'Text Distortion' plugin is located in Effects > Text Formations. TextDistortion.zip
  6. 'Image Distortion' plugin is located in Effects > Distort. ImageDistortion.zip
  7. This plugin together with 'Trail' from pyrochild allows you to get a 3D text. It is located in Effects ► Text Formations. The UI SkewedRotatedText.zip
  8. Sometimes the reset button is actually a label just like the TechnoRobbo's plugin. Clicking on the label resets the control to its initial value.
  9. This can be done using the OptionBasedLibrary. Below is an example: TextOnPath.zip
  10. This plugin is based on Alexander Seel's code -> Text on Path with VB.NET and TechnoRobbo's code -> SplineMaster. The plugin is located in Effects ► Text Formations. It is slow on large canvas. Text_on_Path.zip
  11. @welshblue I know about a small glitch on some types of text. That's why Alpha Mask is the best option.
  12. This effect can be achieved very simply using the new TextMask plugin. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111330-unfinished-plugins/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-550999
  13. BoltBait explains in the Creative Text Pro v1.0 plugin code: // For older Paint.NET use this line instead of the next: // Rectangle selection = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(srcBounds).GetBoundsInt(); Rectangle selection = EnvironmentParameters.SelectionBounds; So, you did the right thing: Paint.net update.
  14. Custom Corner Frame plugin is located in Effects>>Render submenu Download
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