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  1. >> snip << Thank you very much @xod for the File now on the first page.
  2. Sorry, I forgot that I posted these plugins in the dedicated topic. Yes, it's about updates. I ask a moderator to be kind enough to fix these mistakes of mine and erase them.
  3. 'Text Distortion' plugin is located in Effects > Text Formations. TextDistortion.zip
  4. 'Image Distortion' plugin is located in Effects > Distort. ImageDistortion.zip
  5. This plugin together with 'Trail' from pyrochild allows you to get a 3D text. It is located in Effects ► Text Formations. The UI SkewedRotatedText.zip
  6. Sometimes the reset button is actually a label just like the TechnoRobbo's plugin. Clicking on the label resets the control to its initial value.
  7. This can be done using the OptionBasedLibrary. Below is an example: TextOnPath.zip
  8. This plugin is based on Alexander Seel's code -> Text on Path with VB.NET and TechnoRobbo's code -> SplineMaster. The plugin is located in Effects ► Text Formations. It is slow on large canvas. Text_on_Path.zip
  9. @welshblue I know about a small glitch on some types of text. That's why Alpha Mask is the best option.
  10. This effect can be achieved very simply using the new TextMask plugin. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111330-unfinished-plugins/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-550999
  11. BoltBait explains in the Creative Text Pro v1.0 plugin code: // For older Paint.NET use this line instead of the next: // Rectangle selection = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(srcBounds).GetBoundsInt(); Rectangle selection = EnvironmentParameters.SelectionBounds; So, you did the right thing: Paint.net update.
  12. Custom Corner Frame plugin is located in Effects>>Render submenu Download