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  1. Yes, thanks now works very well. if (!checkBox1.Checked) { label8.ForeColor = Color.Gray;//disabled ... } else { label8.ForeColor = this.ForeColor;//enabled ... }
  2. How to set the ForeColor of a label (without control) to match the selected app theme?
  3. How about Repeat Reflected option?
  4. Unfinished plugins

    Gradient shapes. GradientShapes.zip
  5. I have only Bold style.
  6. @lifeday Strange, it works very well for me. Until I fix the issue, try making a copy of the font on the desktop then delete the font from the fonts folder in windows. Now I'm at work.
  7. Well, I can live with this. Maybe in a later version. Thank you for your effort to develop this wonderful tool.
  8. That's right, but try to select IntSliderControl only and it's hard to see.
  9. Very nice improvement. Thanks. One request: could you highlight (or change) the color of the selection to be more visible?
  10. Unfinished plugins

    Spaced / Outlined text it only supports 32 characters.
  11. I knew that, but after the version I made (1.1) there are a lot of other numbers, e.g. 1.1.6627.36138
  12. Someone asked me to add a font style. I added the Bold, Italic and Underlined style in the new version. Question: How to change version of plugin in CodeLab?
  13. Unfinished plugins

    This effect was created in VisualStudio only to understand how things work. It's about ConfigToken, ConfigDialog, InitTokenFromDialog, InitDialogFromToken, and so on. So it can't be really considered as a plugin. Found in Effects > Render submenu. Download