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  1. Wrong alignment for braces when I try to format document because the statement is in line with 'if' keyword.
  2. Is it possible in CodeLab to have more validation conditions?
  3. I used mediafire because the forum does not allow attachments of .zip files that exceed a certain size and because I don't like Dropbox. Sorry about that.
  4. Thank you for yours hard work ! Very interesting behavior for Alt + Mouse click: 1. Choose Paintbrush tool: size = 10 (or any other size) 2. Press Alt key for locking the position of the brush 3. Release Alt key and move the mouse anywhere on the canvas 4. Left click to draw a straight line with the primary color or right click for secondary color This behavior also exists in the previous version. This is very useful for me. All I need now is a grid and Snap to grid option.
  5. Use the Alt + square brackets on the keyboard and repeated mouse clicks.
  6. Dear Pixey, I will pray every day to God for your health.