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  1. Show us the result of the plugin (the original image, the image with Normal Map and image after applying your effect).
  2. Thank you, it works without problems.
  3. @nitenurse79, how nice to know that you are back with us! Good health and long life!
  4. When I try to build a filter I get this message:
  5. Perhaps the Saturation RGB and Intensity RGB effects can be useful for you. Also take a look at the Make Transparent and Color Clearer effects.
  6. Take a look here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116891-error-1603/?tab=comments#comment-574089
  7. File .dlc in any text editor can be opened and saved without changing the extension.
  8. @MJW thank you for the clarification. Unfortunately, my English is not good enough. @Ego Eram Reputo, I'm sorry if I offended you with my answer. Filters Unlimited was installed on my computer more than seven years ago. I have about 4000 filters in my collection. Of course, I won't even be able to remember the names of all the filters, let alone use them. However, there are 15-20 filters that interested me and I would like to create effects for paint.net based on them. Many filters from Filters Unlimited can easily be converted to paint.net's effects using the PdnFF plugin by
  9. Yes, the full version is no longer supported, but Filters Unlimited is still popular to this day. You can find thousands of filters for this plug-in on the Internet. Some of these effects will probably cause you to bewilderment, smile, or be surprised. However, among them you can find interesting and useful effects that you will not find in Paint.NET. Why should I be ashamed of my detailed response to a forum member's request?
  10. On the forum paint-net.ru there was interest in the Filters Unlimited plug-in. It was easily integrated into such well-known photo editors as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact, had more than 350 effects in the package, and allowed unlimited adding of effects. You can get an Overview about Filters Unlimited from the archived copy of the site I.C.NET Software GmbH. I wrote a small tutorial in Russian on how to use Filters Unlimited with paint.net. You can evaluate it visually from the images. I can prepare this material in English if the forum members are interested.
  11. Good news. You are a great daughter, Swea! Thank you for the update.
  12. Good health and long life to you and your mother!
  13. Happy Birthday @Drydareelin! I hope this was the best day of your life.
  14. I updated the Lines/Grid plugin. Perhaps this effect will be useful for you.
  15. Effect updated. Added the ability to adjust the transparency of lines, both interfaces (English and Russian) in one file, updated the help file.
  16. Happy Birthday @pyrochild! Good health and long life!
  17. The Russian link from the first post works for me. http://paint-net.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=36&p=991#p991
  18. What software are you talking about?
  19. How did you detect that both cases are saved with compression? Give an example of your image so that it can be analyzed.
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