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  1. @Pixey, place the Plugin folder in a convenient location. Open the PluginsPath.reg file in any text editor and specify the full path to the Plugin folder in the line "Path"=. In my case, it looks like this (highlighted in red. Note the double backslash): Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\FutureFantastic\GenesisVfx\2.00] "Path"="D:\\Users\\Documents\\paint.net App Files\\Effects\\Plugin" Save the PluginsPath.reg file and run it.
  2. Updated RM_EffectsPack.zip and RM_EffectsInstaller.zip due to localization the Color submenu of the Effects menu in paint.net 4.2.16. Download the Effects Pack from the first post. For non-English users, the Color Range and Eliminate Dark/Light effects are available in the localized Color submenu.
  3. Best wishes and a wonderful Birthday!
  4. Beautiful work, @barbieq25! Thank you for sharing.
  5. The effects from this package are intended for paint.net 4.2. X and beyond. If you have any comments that are specific to a certain plugin, please post in that plugin's forum topic. Download ZIP of plugin installer: RM_EffectsInstaller.zip The installer has an interface in English and Russian. For all non-English-speaking users (except Russian), the interface will be presented in English. How to use the installer. Unzip the archive, place the RM_Effects.exe. file in a convenient location (Desktop, for example), and run it. Follow the
  6. See the first post. Both links are working.
  7. In my opinion, the reason is related to the version 20H2 of Win10. Although there may be many other reasons. Yes, it might help (Alt+X -> Diagnostics -> Copy to clipboard).
  8. @sashwilko, all the listed DLL's are needed for work paint.net and do not affect the speed of the program launch. Usually, after the update, paint.net takes longer to start. This is due to the internal configuration of the program parameters.
  9. See #22 of The Rules (or add English subtitles to the video). There is no need to create Layer 4. When you go to Layer 2 with the background for the text, just apply Ctrl+I, then Ctrl+X.
  10. You can get good results when working with textures using @BoltBait's Fill From File & Fill From Clipboard effects. Any of them can deputize the Texturize effect by @MichaelVinther.
  11. @BDP, I dare say you are using the Classic version paint.net and the plugins you listed above were already in the Effects folder (C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects). The next time you installed plugins using @pyrochild's installer, you used the default 'Install only for Me (Classic and Store)' option. Another Effects folder was automatically created in your Documents folder (...\Documents\paint.net App Files\Effects). Just delete the duplicate DLLs in one of the two folders.
  12. Added a PDF file. @lynxster4, @Djisves, @Pixey thank you for sharing your images.
  13. Thank you @Djisves for the errors found (the reason is Copy/Paste). Fixed.
  14. Thank you @lynxster4, and Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️
  15. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it. This is a rewritten MSNBC Style Effect tutorial by @m2lucky. It's very old, but still an interesting effect. This is the final result from @m2lucky's tutorial: Plugins Required: Align Object by @moc426 or Align Object by @xod Clouds by @Sepcot Pixelate+ by @pyrochild Gradient Mapping by @pyrochild Feather by @BoltBait 1. Create a New () image with the desired size. I used a size of 600x450 px. 2. Set the default colors () in the Colors window. Run the Clouds
  16. Added 'Gels' and 'Greens and Blues' presets.
  17. Added two color options.
  18. @ipswichmanc, very realistic, thanks for sharing.
  19. @Pixey, @lynxster4, @ipswichmanc thank you for sharing your work. I added a coloring method using Gradient Mapping to the tutorial. I hope that soon I will find other coloring methods or you will tell me these methods. Also added presets for Curves+ and Gradient Mapping.
  20. Thank you @null54 for the clarification. I didn't know this because I use the Classic version. Fixed the text.
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