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  1. nitenurse79

    Night Vision Effect

    With added conditional Hue/Saturation
  2. nitenurse79

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    I'll play along then
  3. nitenurse79

    Show Yourself, Redux!

  4. nitenurse79

    SOTW#183 - Red ocher's Fur Blur - Winners

    Well done to all, another great topic and well hosted by @lynxster4
  5. nitenurse79

    SOTW#184 - Red ochre's Clip Warp

  6. nitenurse79

    Fractal Curly Tree (ymd: 180407)

    I like it. Thanks @MadJik
  7. Interesting results Thanks for the share @MadJik
  8. nitenurse79

    SOTW#181 - Valentine's Day - Winners

    Congratulations to all winners/placers and entrants. Great hosting from @lynxster4 too.
  9. nitenurse79

    SOTW#182 - Eroded Metal - Entries

  10. nitenurse79

    SOTW#181 - Valentine's Day - Entries

    Blade adapted from This One
  11. nitenurse79

    SOTW#177~Woven Photo~ WINNERS.

    Well done to all placers and all who entered. Fantastic entries from everyone again. Thanks for the hosting @Pixey
  12. nitenurse79

    Happy Birthday Zagna

    Happy Birthday to you @zagna Must be one of the longest serving members on the forum.
  13. nitenurse79

    Pixey's Gallery ~Droste Fractal~

    That's a classy bathroom @Pixey