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  1. Well done everyone, some creative entries here. It shows also just how powerful pdn is using only vanilla plugins and your creative mind. thanks @lynxster4 for speedy hosting duties.
  2. Gradients Emboss Hue / Saturation Radial blur Glow
  3. Have a very happy birthday Mr. Red Ochre.
  4. Now that's what I call a cake @pavlik1307 save me a slice Hope you enjoy your day. Happy Birthday.
  5. Photo self taken of an Austrian adventure back in 2019.
  6. Thank you all for the birthday greetings. I had a very enjoyable day with family and friends and a rare day off work too. @Red ochre 100% match fit again now thank you, gaining weight once more and soon to rejoin the gym.
  7. @DrewDale Excellent song, what was your involement? Are you in the video or was your role studio based?
  8. I should have mentioned the font used was "A Dripping Marker" also from dafont.com
  9. @DrewDale I recall a PM between us a long time back that this was the first record you worked on back in 1987 ? I don't wish to age you, but it's 34 years old now This ones for you.
  10. A slight twist on the tute. Thanks for the rewrite.
  11. Happy 26th birthday @sashwilko. I hope you have a good day despite everything. Stay safe and be good xx Leanne.
  12. Self take photo of Trelleborg waterfront
  13. Firstly an ambulance paramedic, now an emergency room Doctor and consultant.
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