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  1. Excellent song by the lotus eaters. Talking of Zoot, here is the king of zoot suits
  2. So where do I find this within the plugin ? I have refreshed and checked for updated filters, but not seen this yet.
  3. Aqua-cycle anyone? Interesting plugin and I have only just used stylise so far, thanks to the dev.
  4. The only thing I use is Windows security Centre, never had problems with any other plugins 😕
  5. Hi. Using the latest version of this plugin, Windows 10 (all updated) and when I try to run Johann's plugins I get this error, any idea ?
  6. Thanks Andrew. It looks like an interesting new toy.
  7. Where do I find and download these plugins from please ?
  8. Nice to see faces to posters on here, most not what I would imagine. Not the happiest of bunnies these days, but here is an updated (candid) taken by my eldest girl Svea.