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  1. In Sweden, we have only had restrictions rather than lockdowns. Some places are closed (sports centres and swimming pools) restaurants and bars limit people and it's preferred if you shop alone for groceries etc.. Even though I have had a serious dose of covid19, I have not yet had a vaccine, despite being a Doctor in the emergency department of a major hospital. 🤔
  2. @sashwilko There's a slight chance that you could get coronavirus a second time, but this is a very slight chance only. We have only had 2 cases here so far and both have had an extremely mild second infection.
  3. So the only way the herd can become immune is through a vaccine? Therefore reducing infection to the non immune? As @DrewDale has already stated. I also agree with Drew, that there's no evidence yet to say that the vaccine will actually work. I am a doctor and still sceptical about this working (as is numerous medical specialists)
  4. Perhaps "Herd Immunity" actually works? Here in Sweden since the outbreak of Covid-19 (March 2020) there have been a total of 631.000 cases and 12.649 deaths. These figures are withouth the country going into any full lockdown.
  5. Here In Sweden. The only laws regarding lockdowns, is local authorities can govern how many people are in the same place at the same time. Everything else is basically left to people using "common sence" A ticking timebomb if I ever heard one. This Article
  6. Interesting article. I don't fancy the idea of trying to get infected by Covid19 again to test the waters, the first bout of it had me put into an induced coma and almost killed me. I am still not signed off as fit for work and still have shortness of breath, so until I eventually get vaccinated against it, I will remain indoors.
  7. Looking sharp @DrewDale professional photo shoot?
  8. Apparently after having and recovering from covid19, you can't get infected again. Let's hope it is the case, I'm sure I will be way down the line for a vaccine in our country, you know the country that didn't even have a lockdown 🙄🤯
  9. Anybody? Post viewed 39 Times and no help regard the issue? I can't be the only one with this problem!
  10. After the recent 4.2.15 update, whenever I make a selection (move Selection or move selected pixels) or select the line tool, I get flickering around the selected area (see enclosed screenshot) Has anyone else experienced the same behaviour ? Windows 10 20H2 (OS Build 19042.789) 64 bit. OS. All drivers up to date / all windows updates installed. Thank you.
  11. Hi @Roger the Dodger The resource disc is called Premium Image collection, it was a two disc set that came with Serif Photoplus (unsure what the version number was)
  12. Interesting plugin @pascal After some experimenting I have created this basic Jackson Pollock artwork. Thanks for sharing your plugins.
  13. Original image from a serif resource disc.
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