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  1. classic! not my style though... 6.5/10
  2. The Simpsons Football/Soccer or Ice-Hockey?
  3. I got a feeling you will make something really awesome for this, Heat
  4. Really like this song Used to listen to it a lot when it was new. 8/10 back to the rock
  5. I like it very much the colours (even though its black n white almost ) fits well and the lightsource is good. the text fits the sig very well to imo.
  6. liam: pretty good for a first one could need some blending and better text though keep practising Asylum: same as liam, pretty good for a first but needs some blending and new text maybe a different background to. A logo I just made
  7. nice song, cool mix of vocals, nice melodies 8/10 some more dubstep!!
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