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Image Umbrella: Realistic Images


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@sarkut: thanks!

Awesome page curl! only thing i think you could change is the shadow under the paper. if the paper is resting on the surface, then the shadow shouldn't be so offset or blurred. unless it's really thick paper, or it isn't resting on the surface. Anyway, there's my two cents worth.

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I agree with Bbq, nice work. Although I would have preferred to have seen it on a brick wall.

Here is my latest piece. It`s just made the Galleria as well so I`m real chuffed. Based on this PS tut-





Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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omygosh, goonfella, you are amazing! O.O If you won't accept that, at least admit you have some seriously good patience...


Two steps to make the basic texture. I was quite surprised when I came across the accidental creation of the texture o.0 Never thought to use the plugin in that way...

Any requests for a tutorial?

EDIT: minor parts based off of the first part of this GIMP tutorial. pyro should recognize it ;)

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pdnnoob - nice work! I think it is the start of something really great. On its own it shows off the texture of the planet very well but add a nebula & it'll knock the socks off everyone (except pyro - who doesn't wear them anyway.)


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First time I really used smudge to do hair. I'm not quite hqappy with the left side of the hair the teeth and the nose. But i really like what I have done. I will also show the original.


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St. Jim good one we had a television looked almost like this when I was a child. you forgot the rabbit ears though . they were the absolute must for reception.

this is an older one from my files. it was the first picture of a real person I did in paint.net


I like this~~~

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