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Okay, heres my little picture:

Hidden Content:

This picture is probably my best picture i have drawn...

The picture on the back is the flag of Finland... Just for my fun boltbait.smile.png

Heres my another picture; i don't know where to post it so i decided to post it on here:

Hidden Content:

This picture was completely from my mind and it makes no physical sense...

Well, i think im pretty much done with my pics,hope you comment on them =)


Me. Nobody else.

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NICE, GREAT work here !


You started out well. So what it looks nothing like the original, the point is too really make your OWN and

show your creativity. Let's see, the moon...well you got the basic things down, you just need to add a few more things,

like making it more sharp or something else...the background, well you have a symbolic background which represents the air,

try to make it seem 'whispier' and lighter, and cloud shaped :P

Ok after returning to PdN again for the 23423472346th time, my first spacescape I have made. It took just only 2 hours, and has many simple parts....I need to catch up on my spacescaping techniques :( soeone, teach me the ways of the space ways :cookie: !


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@ TheGuitarist: Actually I tried making something pretty similar to that scene a while back LINK

What I did for the water basically was first just draw a lot of lines with different shades of gray over a black background using a small brush size. Then I used fragment blur which gave me the basic look that (with quite a bit more experimenting) can give a pretty decent ocean-look. In the image below i then blurred and scaled the "water" and added a simple little moon.


@ Skitzo: I like that planet, cool idea using different colors like that. :) For learning spaceart techniques I think I would search for some photoshop tutorials. There's really a lot of material out there and I'm sure a lot of the techniques are easily transferred to Paint.NET. I'm no expert on the subject though.

@ Aislin: I like both of them, especially the first one. It's a nice crop and the simple background fits the subject very good. In the other one I thought I would like to see a bit more of the persons face, but seeing the original image I realized the hands would come in the way. It looks good though, maybe just a bit dark, but good job anyway. :)

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thanks for the comment olav :) I still removed a bit of the hand at her right eye, if you can see that, I drew a bit of her glasses and skin in that part... Although, I think the colors just 'fit' the images, if you know what I mean...

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I made a Henry Stamp. What is a Henry Stamp, you ask? I have no idea :lol::lol: . It started off as a signature and just turned into a stamp.

i saw this and thought it was so awesome that i had to make one so heres my go at it:


this was a good learning experience and i will be using the techniques and methods in my upcoming works.

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