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Guest PsychoHarmonic

@ olav.k.m: not really but i dont make realistic art, so i thought the fact that it had dimension meant it was the best i could offer. boltbait.cool.png

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Beautiful picture Olav :D, it is amazing for being 100% paint.net.

PyschoHarmonic- Nice one, that glow is pretty sweet. A pretty damn good piece for a new Pdner

Haven't been on this forum for a while :/.

Here are some of my pieces that I've got on deviantart:




All 100% paint.net


100% Paint.net

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WOW! I love how its so realistic (except this part) The color scheme is great, and the sun and mountains are beautiful! My only suggestion is to cut out that black part at the top.

Edit: I request a tutorial on the water.

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Guest PsychoHarmonic

@ oval, himself, welsh : I cant remember exactly how i made the water it is like 40+ layers mostly cloud renders and blur. The mirror effect was only used because it didn't look realistic with out it it is actualy mirrored three times but I'll whole thing when I start making a tut.

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@csm725 I think you just posted in the wrong topic ^^ I like it though. Simplicity ftw!

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If it was 100% in PDN from scratch, its astounding work. You really should try and recreate the effect, or something similar and post a tut. If thats not possible, then please post the .pdn file somewhere. I'd love to take a look! :)

Btw, my only critique is that the colours are too monotone. Some variation in hue would help. ;)


olav.k.m, that texture is awesome. Fabulous piece! B)

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Guest PsychoHarmonic

@ LFC4EVER: Its not 100% PdN some of it ( the cliffs and mountains) are scanned from a pencil drawing. Sadly I didn't save the .pdn file. The only thing that was really a challenge was the water which is 50+ layers of cloud renders, blurrs, mirror, and 800% zoom usage of the smudge tool. Getting the same effect would be nearly impossible because I wasn't really paying attention to the steps (I never really do).

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I second tut/how to.

Made some textures which I used in this:



th_leather.jpg th_pebbles.png

I think you have done a great job with the book. The texture is very real! The book itself is very well done. I can almost feel the worn parts of the leather binding. I think your textures are tute worthy (coming from someone who has at times attempted to write a tute & knows that writing a good one is a great skill.)

I'd love to see some worn gold lettering on it.

It's been ages since I posted anything in this thread. So here is the latest from me. The wings were a stock that I gave the alchemist's secret to.


Tiger Wings


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