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  1. Yep still with the Blues. Wow, still there? Thanks. Thanks! Any new mods here?
  2. Nice to check on this place for a lil' bit. How've things been?
  3. Woah... PDN forums is still here? Cool.
  4. I like Axle's colors more and MMS's text is a bit off. 2-1 MMS
  5. MMS 2-0 Better colors, no offense but I could make Rachels in 3 mins.
  6. I'm away from town so I'm thinking of placing it on hiatus. I'll try to have LOTW4 (or 5?) up soon.
  7. I happen to have the Walkway family installed. I dont know why but I dislike it, maybe Segoe UI Light would be better.
  8. Does it block the word <No cursing.>? <No cursing.>, it does. bloody potato! (lol, c.r.a.p = bloody potato)
  9. 1. You've got a typo in your thread title, as funny as Paint.NET sounds, that's not the name of the program 2. Try reinstalling the C++ Redistrib. Then try reinstalling PdN.
  10. Mattz 3-0 #winner Mattz The smuding is a bit overdone but still a great sig. The colors are too saturated on the other one!
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