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  1. And i think i know what you did different with you tut and your sig. maybe instead of using a black background use a light gray and dark gray splatter.
  2. I was kinda going for the dark approach, but i see what you mean. I noticed that with it at 500 x 160 its hard to see. Is this any better?
  3. Could you please make a tutorial for you picture because it is really nice looking.
  4. nice. thanks for the tutorial. I really appreciate it.
  5. Could you make a tutorial for the 4th signature? because that is really cool looking and i would like to learn to make it.
  6. Here is my first brush. Hope you like it. Pit. Steelers Logo.zip
  7. All your images aren't showing up. please go in and fix that.
  8. I know but the idea just popped into my head when i was going thru the tutorial. i have took several of my wallpapers and put the effect to it. if you want i can post them.
  9. you need to put the image back up there.
  10. Thank you. Just experimenting with the different effects with paint.net.
  11. Good tutorial. Here is my take. I would love your comments and constructive criticism. I am somewhat new to paint.net.
  12. Um this forum is for Tutorials only. I am just letting you know before the administrator does. There is a forum for questions. Next time post there instead of here.
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