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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if there is anybody interested in taking SOTW? I am so busy now and I have hardly any time to get on here. I would really appreciate if someone else took it up. I will send you the template for the SOTW posts. -- It has been great hosting, BTW.
  2. No, it is Inner Space. Thanks for letting me know of that yellowman, I will fix it now.
  3. SOTW #53 is now ready for entries!
  4. I am really sorry guys. I have been so busy! I will let Sozo submit his entry and then the poll will be up. I will be sure I get on in time for the next one. Sorry again guys...it has been a very busy week.
  5. After the long wait, SOTW #52 is here! Be sure to submit your entries before June 21st.
  6. Not bad. I like how simple the planet is, and I like the smudging going into it. But maybe if you could make the background more like a nebula...it looks sorta plain to me right now. But I really like it overall.
  7. @Madjik: I like 1 & 2 a lot. They are both really awesome! I also like the top half of three, but I do not like the bottom half. 4 has a nice concept too. I like the splatter look it has too it. @Osl112: Nice job. The render looks like he is actually sitting on the background. Really cool! I thought you maybe should have added a clipping mask to the brushes though. They stand out too much. And maybe add a light source? How long have you made signatures?
  8. Wow, I like this piece! Awesome, I love the noise you added. It gives it a vintage look.
  9. Awesome job! I love this piece. Really nice rustic textures.
  10. Both of them are awesome! My favourite is Calla! Keep it up. These are amazing.
  11. It isn't over yet. Two more days left.
  12. Wow, that is really cool! The orbs are awesome!
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