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  1. Thanks for your comments... and Welsh, I was thinking of you all yesterday too, so I just wanted to check out you amazing galleries You all gained soooo much experience, where my experience in PDN has stopped developing. I'm an advanced Adobe CS user now and I must say... I miss some plug-ins in CS that PDN actually DOES have but CS not... Never knew I was a legend here! And yes, Johnnysdream, I painted those by hand... but I must confess that I used reference pictures and put a sketch effect on it... that layer helped me with the outline for painting. That part, the beautiful sketch effect, isn't that great and simple and easy to do in Photoshop.... Also... I never used a drawing-tablet, all was drawn with a simple computer mouse. I know PDN will never be available for Mac, but if it was, I would start using it daily again Tomy has grown A LOT, almost 3 years old now and sleeping in a big bed since this week, also already going to school in the mornings He says HI! Love ya PDN-users!
  2. it's been over a year since I last was here. omg that rhymes. Anyway, just wanted to let my old friends here know, finally got a job in graphic design... what I was wishing for ever since I found out pdn... unfortunately, I can't work with it anymore (mac user now, SORRY) but if you'd like, you could check out my online portfolio: Love ya all and love all the works (welsh, Helen, Pixy, BBQ and all others )
  3. it wasn't meant to be rude you know...
  4. thanks for the comments... @ BB I don't want to buy a laptop anymore... I hate those things, lol and besides, I don't take them away from home, so why would I need one? I was looking for an iMac or a Mac Pro, but since the last one is really too expensive, I probably will get an iMac... @ nanette, since the latest version of Mac, you are able to put non-mac programs on it, but you will need to have Intel, am I right SAND33P? anyway, I won't throw away the laptop I have now, so it will be possible to keep on doing PDN, but certainly I will try to get PDN on a Mac, or Rick could write, program stuff he is good at, so PDN will also be able to run on the mac?
  5. Hi guy's, I'm this close to buying an iMac (needed for school and stuff) and I did not find a topic yet, apologies that I have not searched a lot. Anyway, I would like to know if I can down/install PDN on a mac (before I buy one) thanks!
  6. Hi, just had a couple moments to look @ the galleries, (which I try to do as much as I can) and I see the above comments, so I just HAD to create some minutes to respond Nanette (&also all of the others) I love the artworks I see around here lately, like your work for BBQ & Helen (I thought), Welsh! love the way you did this last piece Nanette, it's very eye-catching and the details are wonderful! I would totally love to do a collab with you, if I just new where to find time, there aren't enough hours in one day nor in a week. But I luckily am doing something that I really like (studying prepress) the week of 11 feb I have one week off from school & work, so if you like we could do something then lots of huggles to all of you!
  7. I wouldn't know really, yet... In the 3rd module (in about a half year) we will learn illustrator, but I did had to make a test on it (to see if I was able to do the education) and there are some similarities, but yes, it does work very different from PDN, uptill now I still prefer PDN for it's simplicity, although it would be nice if smudge and custom brushes were not in other windows (but I thought those would be different at PDN 4.0???) anyway's, what I do like from Illustrator, is the fact that every object you create, you also can select apart from each other, even though they are on the same single layer, just by clicking them...
  8. Guess some of you know the game Alan Wake, well here is my fav band, who made lots of songs for the game
  9. At home I will only use PDN, since it is user-friendly (the GIMP isn't) and my laptop can handle PDN, what I can't say about Adobe Photoshop... Recently I do learn InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge @ school (studying pre-press) and I must say that, after I have been using PDN for several years now and also had some study in MS Office, I find it easier to use than I usually thought... of course it is a lot, and confusing... but after a couple years of experience in MS Office and PDN, it's much more uncomplicated
  10. Still haven't sent in mine... but will do that first thing sunday morning
  11. First of all, thanks bbq and helen for those nice comments I hate being not around here as much as I want to... I miss all of the good stuff, new people etc... Poets of the Fall made a lil movie of the highlights of their German Tour and guess what? My paintings are in it! (look closely @ 2:33) It clearly is not the Louvre, but it is very special to me As for new works... I have already been busy for it for an entire month, but I have not enough time to really work on it... you can see it @ page 1 under new works Have a very happy new year! edit: video is not working for me... I'll post the link instead edit 2: now it's working
  12. we have (at home on dvd that is, since we are series collectors) Supernatural S1-S5 Grey's Anatomy S1-S7 Ghost whisperer S1-S3 Castle S1-S3 NCIS S1-S8 Boston Legal S1-S2 The tudors S1-S4 / complete That 70's show S1-S8 / complete Vampire Diaries S1-S3 One Three Hill S1-S7 The Mentalist S1-S3 Prison Break S1-S4 / complete Medium S1-S2 gosh, that's a lot.... well my fav is : don't know... we are now watching Medium