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  1. My bad for the late reply. And no, the part I left out was completely optional and had no real effect on the object of the image.
  2. Made with this tutorial: http://www.denisdesigns.com/blog/2009/01/create-3-d-text-with-some-extreme-lighting/
  3. Very nice. Very similar to how I do it. I especially like how you noted to desaturate the image, rather than to make it greyscaled. However, I would recommend that next time you want to use someone else's image, you ask them first. I personally don't mind it, but others might. Otherwise, very nice. I really like the use of Cross Processing (I've been using Soften Image).
  4. Don't think a tutorial will be particularly necessary. It's essentially just a reversal of flip's tutorial, with some added effects (atleast the way I've done it).
  5. Very nice Ai7. Honestly, I think I like yours better than mine.
  6. Hue/Saturation tool in the Adjustments menu. PDN is pretty darn effective if you know how to use it
  7. Actually, not grayscale. There's a subtle dash of color in there. I didn't like the (what I perceived to be) harsher contrast of color and black and white, so I just desaturated the image enough to provide a soft contrast, while still leaving color.
  8. Thanks flip. I actually posted a different image using the same technique as a reply on your tutorial thread. Also, @Possum: Awesome. Love the 3D text, and the football looks just cool.
  9. Been gone for awhile. Brilliant results guys, nice work. Excellent plugin pyro, definitely speeds things up. I may update the tutorial to include its use.
  10. Sorry, my bad. I meant that it creates a workaround for that specific part of the tutorial, where you don't have to load any alpha masks. The Alpha Mask Import plugin is still required.
  11. Oh wow, that's a shame. You're plugin does provide a suitable work-around however
  12. I'd say you did a fair job there Lance @Nathan: Thanks, I had always used alpha masking for things like this. It gives a very clean cut. @Mike: What changed in the Alpha Mask Import plugin? @waffle: Awesome result
  13. Hmm....what kind of pants are you not wearing... Now there's something to think about.
  14. Aww, you'd think the mods would actually post a personal comment every now and then. Just kidding pyro, thanks for the help and thanks to everyone else who did comment
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