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  1. My bad for the late reply. And no, the part I left out was completely optional and had no real effect on the object of the image.
  2. Made with this tutorial: http://www.denisdesigns.com/blog/2009/01/create-3-d-text-with-some-extreme-lighting/
  3. aguba


    Would've had it up sooner, but I had some procrastinating to do. And an essay. ... Anyways. This logo doesn't look particularly good with any sort of gloss. I did my best to have it moderately presentable.
  4. aguba


    It was originally, but it felt to plain for me. I do have the solid black version stored in my hard drive though.
  5. aguba


    In all honesty, although JROTC programs are fairly common in U.S. high schools, knowledge of them in the general public is rather limited. I'm the commander of our saber team, where we march with sabers (swords) and perform ceremonious drill and presentations for various occasions. Hence, the sabers.
  6. aguba


    This makes me happy.
  7. aguba


    Eh...you'll get some sideways thumbs. Anyways I just felt like doing something simple for this, and I quite like it.
  8. aguba


    Thumbs up to anyone who knows what I'm referencing here.
  9. Very nice. Very similar to how I do it. I especially like how you noted to desaturate the image, rather than to make it greyscaled. However, I would recommend that next time you want to use someone else's image, you ask them first. I personally don't mind it, but others might. Otherwise, very nice. I really like the use of Cross Processing (I've been using Soften Image).
  10. Don't think a tutorial will be particularly necessary. It's essentially just a reversal of flip's tutorial, with some added effects (atleast the way I've done it).
  11. Very nice Ai7. Honestly, I think I like yours better than mine.
  12. aguba


    I love the JROTC program. I dislike that several groups bill us as a recruitment program. On the contrary, we force no obligation on our cadets to join the military, and instead encourage them to go to college. For those who have kids, or are high school level kids yourselves, I highly recommend the JROTC program. It's an amazing character builder and has had an enormously positive effect on my life. Plus, it's a lot of fun Again, Possum, thank you. I appreciate it.
  13. aguba


    I appreciate that, thank you. Just don't thank me yet, however, as I have not yet served my country and do not wish to take the credit of those men and women in uniform that have. Still just a high school kid here And to clarify for those who don't know of the JROTC program: [link]
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