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  1. Congrats winners, beautiful bunch of stones, I am truly amazed by the quality of the texture of each single entry, adding to the shapes. great work everyone 👍
  2. @ MJM, Pixey, Seerose, Wishing everyone and families a wonderful new year 2020, I like the year number but it makes me feel I am getting older! Thank you very much, I really missed everybody here too, Now I need to practice on the new version of PDN, looks like I am so behind 😀 But first of all, how do you guys code that blue username tag? I mean this tag: @yellowman
  3. Hey Welshy, thank you for the warm welcoming, and glad to be here again 😀 Wow I am amazed by the quality of work of each one!
  4. Wow, Red ochre, this is an amazing plugin, you can get almost all shapes/templates of gears, And Goonfella, that image of the clock is awesome, I had a quick go on your question, regarding the beveled Gears, and I think TR's Strobe Motion plugin works well, but I am having some difficulties controlling the location of the 4 points in the plugins to get a smoother render. After you got the twisted effect from the plugin, you can use this method to give it a conical shape.
  5. Thank you seerose for passing by and leaving a comment, Thank you JulioCoolio, I may be influenced by Space channel of NASA, I do visit it between time to time to have some inspiration and google images as well, .
  6. Simply amazing, every object is so well done, the hill in the background to the wagon, passing through the grass, beautiful image mate. And it was so nice of you to share the techniques that used in this image. Thanks skullbonz for the great talent.
  7. Thank you so much Barbie, Pixey, Nitenurse and HELEN, I am glad you like it Well I have to agree that the names that I put to my work doesn't match the whole subject most of the time, yes that is true. But actually I name the final work base on a certain object or effect in the image, as an example, in the a view to hell image, a strange beast face appeared while I was rendering the clouds, and you can still see part of that face down in the center (devil face lol), but I still have the original image. @ Barbie, the blue star on the right, and the red star to the left @ HELEN, don't forget to take a dust mask with you if you are planning to to leave the ship.
  8. Nice feel to it, the deers on the hill are so lovely, and I like also the owl on the tree and the Milky Way/stars beyond the clouds, calmness and peace full place so appealing to me. I am not sure if my screen settings are causing this but there is two circles, one around the fire and one around the far right tent by the windmill Only thing I would try to add is some fog.
  9. Hi tomy, I am not sure if I correctly understood what are you trying to achieve, But if you are after this result, then let me know, it is pretty easy (but hard to figure out) without using any plugin or effect. Edit: sorry grammar mistakes.
  10. Thanks everyone for the comments, I really appreciated. I am still working on V-3.5.11, I need to switch to V-4.0.1 very soon or I will be so behind, thanks Rick for the new update. I have a new image, called it Dusty Space, it is all PDN:
  11. Excellent work Pixey, the work on the face features is amazing especially the mouth, I like the video and the music as well, it is so helpful indeed, And one more thing, ezvid looks great, is it free/unlimited with all its tools features? Thank you very much
  12. Nice work here, keep them coming, you're doing well
  13. Great work barbie, it is so beautiful, I feel like I am walking in a jungle, I like the colors too, I like the transparent effect in it, that been achieved with the layers, plus the blend modes. One thing been used I can think about in this is the Diffuse plugin on it's maximums. Well done barbie