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  1. Open Paint.NET. Add a new layer: Layers > Add New Layer ====================== In the Layers window, click on the layer named Background. Delete it. Layers > Delete Layer ===================== Begin your project. When done, save as PDN. Then, save as PNG.
  2. When I Paintbucket fill a new layer with Red (or other color) at zero Alpha - Transparency in the Color window, it Color Picks as black with zero Alpha - Transparency. In Overwrite mode. This, even before saving. ===================================== If I make a zero opacity red (or other color) layer as described in post #5, saving as Optimized PNG, it produces a zero opacity layer with color values preserved. This is based on my actually testing this, not on my belief. ======================================== Color Picking the attached OptiPNG will show different colors at different locations, all zero opacity. AlphaColorOptiPNG01.zip
  3. With both Normal Blending and Overwrite blending, colors applied at zero Alpha-Transparency show as black by Color Picker tool.
  4. This might work well for map railways:
  5. I don't know what file type you need this to be. With PNG file type: Make your layer with RGB values at full opacity. Fill a new layer with white, copy the white layer into the clipboard, delete the white layer. Apply the Alpha Mask Import plugin effect to the RGB value layer, with all boxes checked. This will give full transparency. Save as Optimized PNG, using the OptiPNG file type plugin. This will give zero opacity with RGB values preserved as verified by Color Picker tool.
  6. Remove the photo backdrop before resizing the image down. These tutorials show one way of removing the backdrop: Save the images as PDN, or PNG file type. When you add them to the flyer, paste them into new layers above the flyer image layer.
  7. Duplicate your layer. Apply the Silhouette Plus plugin effect to get a result that is a single color of your choice, with matching opacities. =============================================== Or apply the Silhouette Plus plugin effect, set to black. Use the result as an alpha mask.
  8. Use the Circle Text plugin on a new (transparent) layer above the background. You will be able to see both as you are creating the text, and you can adjust the size and positioning of the text as it is being made.
  9. Open the pic in Paint.NET, add a new layer, put the name text on the new layer. Do a Google Image search on "baseball cards" for some design ideas.
  10. With an image that size my Paint.NET allows a zoom of 2340%. Try that limit, and see if it is otherwise error-free.
  11. Most likely you are trying to bucket fill, use the paint brush, or erase outside of the selection area. Sometimes the Magic Wand will select only a very tiny space. The rest of the canvas will be unselected, and can't be acted on by any tools. Pressing the Esc key on your keyboard will remove the selection so that the tools can be used again.
  12. Your best set is to see if they re-run that episode. Take a new picture with no flash. http://www.history.com/shows/swamp-people/videos/playlists/season-1-full-episodes#swamp-people-big-head-bites-it
  13. Try Running PdnRepair.exe . Typically: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PdnRepair.exe
  14. There is this: http://screeny05.deviantart.com/art/Rebuild-Icon-Cache-v0-7b-164152806 It fixed a broken icon on my Quick Launch. Don't know if it will fix your situation.
  15. It may be that you got a corrupt download. You could try this: Delete the DLL in the Effects folder. Delete the plugin zip that you downloaded. Clear your browser's cache. Clear Browser Cache Re-download, and re-install the plugin DLL. ==================================== Downloading using a different browser is also worth trying.
  16. They show in the menu but don't work? This is what needs to be clarified: Do they show in the menu?
  17. Re: Unblocking Is this option not showing, or it's there but shows an error, or something else? http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/4049/ub01.png ============================================== Are the plugin effects not showing in the Adjustment and Effects menu? Or do they show, but won't work?
  18. Right-click the DLL, then click Properties. Generally, if there is no option to unblock showing, I'd assume that they aren't blocked. ====================== Try this: Close, then re-open Paint.NET. ====================== Look here: Utilities > View Plugin Load Errors If any error reports are present, pls. post them. ====================== Also, open your Paint.NET Effects folder, and make a full screenshot. It should show the contents of the folder and the full folder path in the address field. Post the Direct Link, or thumbnail. http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ http://imageshack.us/
  19. If you press Esc on the keyboard, do things work then?
  20. I don't know of any "thought bubble" capable plugin. I suggest that you make a few by hand on a transparent background. Save that as a separate PNG or PDN file that can be imported into any future project as needed for copy/paste use.
  21. With your work layer above the white background layer, cut/paste into a new layer or copy/paste into a new layer. Press F4, and set the new layer Blending mode to Multiply.
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