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  1. Yep still with the Blues. Wow, still there? Thanks. Thanks! Any new mods here?
  2. Nice to check on this place for a lil' bit. How've things been?
  3. Woah... PDN forums is still here? Cool.
  4. I like Axle's colors more and MMS's text is a bit off. 2-1 MMS
  5. MMS 2-0 Better colors, no offense but I could make Rachels in 3 mins.
  6. I'm away from town so I'm thinking of placing it on hiatus. I'll try to have LOTW4 (or 5?) up soon.
  7. I happen to have the Walkway family installed. I dont know why but I dislike it, maybe Segoe UI Light would be better.
  8. Does it block the word <No cursing.>? <No cursing.>, it does. bloody potato! (lol, c.r.a.p = bloody potato)
  9. 1. You've got a typo in your thread title, as funny as Paint.NET sounds, that's not the name of the program 2. Try reinstalling the C++ Redistrib. Then try reinstalling PdN.
  10. Mattz 3-0 #winner Mattz The smuding is a bit overdone but still a great sig. The colors are too saturated on the other one!
  11. Actually I just got two more entries which brings the grand total up to five. Let's go, voting will be up ASAP.
  13. Sure, you can enter as much as possible. Great idea.
  14. How come out of the hundreds and hundreds of new members you are the only one complaining about a non-existent paradox? If you have a question about a plugin, go to that plugin's thread and add a reply stating your question. What's so hard? The term 'Reply' does not necessarily colloquially mean replying to the previous poster. If you don't know that then you have no business on a forum.
  15. No offense meant but... http://i53.tinypic.com/52xmhl.png "> http://i53.tinypic.com/52xmhl.png
  16. Spamming up my thread makes me mad. MEAT
  17. This sort of thing can't slide. Please make a new post with the link to your sig.
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