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Ps. The planet is opaque, i put stars on top of it. I'm still trying to solve it to make it look more realistic.

Check out my gallery - pg7 for some ideas on lighting planets. In this piece, the planets should be fairly dark (not a bright light source), and never lower the opacity of a planet. Work on the blue nebulae thing too. Its like its a blob thats blurred to put it plainly. Maybe think of some composition too?

I'm liking the gaseous texture on the planets though. Great job!

Merry Christmas


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This image took soo long to figure out. I'm still not sure If I have the lighting right. What do you guys think.

Here is an empty glass which I am pretty happy with


I dont think I am getting the colors right in this image. What do you think


Here is my favorite one


I would love to know what you guys think

Music Brings color to the world

Photobucket Sucks!

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Decent for 2d, but you need more reflections and dimension for a more realistic piece.

But from the perspective, the shape looks fine, if a little flat.

Also when you fill it up, the liquid shouldn't go to the edge as it's held in by glass.

Nonetheless, gj.



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@jerkfight---I like that pic :) Although I don't really agree with having stars in fron of the planet/making the planet transparent. Nevertheless, it's cool. I like the textures on those planets too.

@m2lucky--- Nice for a first try. However, the perspective is rather two-dimensional. The only way I could think of in order to fix that is to draw in the perspective. I can't really explain it. Try using a photo reference. Or you could look at my champagne glass that I made a while back. Perhaps that might explain the idea of perspective a bit better. :wink:


An attempt at glass: A glass paperweight :) The original without the swirly stuff is in my gallery.


^^^Looks better if clicked^^^^

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three ships sailing over the horizon? some guy with snorkel gear riding a whales back? a guy stranded on an island holding up some funny sign. If you look at my gallery I did on page 1 an island floating in the sky for a different perspective view.

main suggestion ..... how about something anything at all to draw my attention into the scene.

Sometimes just a touch of some other contrast color in the water helps give that little bit of artistic tension.

is this daytime/or nighttime. if its day sun and reflections. or stars if night.

You've got a real nice start lets just see you push the envelope and take that baby to the extreme.

ciao OMA

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@stealthed: looks great and realistic, only should the egde between the sea and the sky be more of a gradient, and the sun is white. some objects would be nice too.


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