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  1. Hey guys thanks for all the comments and Skrizzy I have a couple tuts, click the links on the bottom of my siggy
  2. thanks guys Im glad u like my tut. Gazek: I like it if you used alpha masks it wud b a little more anti aliased, but other than that it looks good
  3. wow I really like this gallery everything seems so clean and polished
  4. m2lucky


    This is one of the coolest tuts i have seen. Nice work
  5. I like the end result, but you should show us how to do it without the apple. show us kinda how to make the apple
  6. actually i kinda like that, i think this should go in the newbie playground (or whatever thats called)
  7. ya yours is pretty close to mine mines a lil smaller plus i have some more purple but ya def close
  8. that superman one looks awesome heres my attempt at a metal man sorta thing... I was bored
  9. thanks this looks really useful for screenprinting
  10. heres my attempt its not perfect by any means but i think its ok...
  11. no i dont think so i think the using the gausian blurr is a good idea for the shadow i really like it
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