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  1. m2lucky


    This is one of the coolest tuts i have seen. Nice work
  2. that superman one looks awesome heres my attempt at a metal man sorta thing... I was bored
  3. thanks this looks really useful for screenprinting
  4. heres my attempt its not perfect by any means but i think its ok...
  5. wow nice tut really well done I have always liked to experiment with glass, I will have to try this later...
  6. wow i really like that good job for first tut
  7. wow i really like that good job for first tut
  8. this is the coolest thing EVER!! I love these things.. I am gonna try once i have more time. Great tut
  9. I am really glad you made this tut. I have been using pdn for awhile now, and I never have really sat down and learned displacemnet. thanks this tut will b rlly useful
  10. wow. thanks so much. i will definately have to do this
  11. wow... I love that. i would love to see a tut
  12. becauseiwantedto. I like the marble. I think it has a lot of potential. If i were you though I would mayb try using shape 3d for the marble shape. Also I would suggest playin around wit the lighting a little more. and idk why but im thinkin the motion blur u used might not b the best option. i wud play around wit it a bit more. nice job
  13. when I try to add the gimp .exe gimp opens up except it gives me an error message.
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