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  1. Lots of Post rock/metal, etc (the genre). & Ratatat
  2. Looking forward to BF:BC2. Shame the 1st wasn't available for PC.
  3. yep. Huge thanks to all plugin writers! I just reinstalled all my favorites with only a few incompatible.
  4. Heh, ty. I got right into multiplayer as soon as I got it, which was fun for a few hours, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the first - or even waw. I'd probably be playing it now though if there were legitimate custom servers. The sp campaign was a lot more cinematic and intense...the coolest part of it all has to be spec ops mode though. so fun.
  5. Yo. It's been like...What, a really long time since I last logged in? Brb in a few. Edit: almost a year lmao!
  6. Dexter's cool. I'm at season 2 right now.
  7. Heh, I'm just using the default brushes. xD Ty.
  8. Bowies great. I listen to a lot of older stuff. King crimson (there's a hilarious version of elephant talk on youtube somewhere), Yes, van halen! good stuff. I'll post more when I get my mp3 working.. Edit: My experiment with smudging into alpha. Only looks good on a light bg: As you can see, im a nub smudger.
  9. Nice, nice. ♥ it. Working on "bad audio"...It's terrible!
  10. Star Link and Gelatinous Foliage. His flowers can be made using the the rose plugin. Just duplicate resize, rotate, etc etc.
  11. Decent for 2d, but you need more reflections and dimension for a more realistic piece. But from the perspective, the shape looks fine, if a little flat. Also when you fill it up, the liquid shouldn't go to the edge as it's held in by glass. Nonetheless, gj.
  12. Maybe because it's an actual picture of a car. lol? Cool looking splatter, but do you intend to use it as a sig? I can see some type of jellyfish could potentially be made using it.
  13. Nice portfolio page. The tone's a tad pretentious, but that sells.
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