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  1. If you want to duplicate it; make 3 layers, draw a blue gradient on the first, horizontal lines on the second and put your photo in the 3rd. Distort the lines. Open layer properties on your photo layer and lines layer and set the transparency value. Flatten>Save.
  2. In addition Holding Ctrl, or Alt when you make selections is very handy.
  3. Looks too desaturated, with a busy cut&paste jagged look.---> Needs work. EPIC sig Flip. Thats my kinda style. <3
  4. Lots of Post rock/metal, etc (the genre). & Ratatat
  5. I have to fiddle around with the arrow keys...Alignment guides would be awesome.
  6. Looking forward to BF:BC2. Shame the 1st wasn't available for PC.
  7. yep. Huge thanks to all plugin writers! I just reinstalled all my favorites with only a few incompatible.
  8. Select everything around the subject on the second layer and delete. Apply feather.
  9. A recent discovery: (very LQ in utube :S )
  10. Heh, ty. I got right into multiplayer as soon as I got it, which was fun for a few hours, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the first - or even waw. I'd probably be playing it now though if there were legitimate custom servers. The sp campaign was a lot more cinematic and intense...the coolest part of it all has to be spec ops mode though. so fun.
  11. My current one is a few years old. (Which is a lot newer then the one I'm posting from....<_<) It runs most everything fine, but can't keep 250 fps in cod haha. I've fully priced out a sweet new system I should be able to purchase in a few...
  12. Yo. It's been like...What, a really long time since I last logged in? Brb in a few. Edit: almost a year lmao!
  13. Also, try some blending options on a duplicate layer you have blurred, or median'd. Might be interesting.
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