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  1. Wow, I just want to say SAND33P/BassPixel's entry is amazing.
  2. Your Christmas ornaments are amazing, gonna have to take a shot at doing one myself.
  3. Wow, you have some amazing pieces in here man. Real talent, you gotta teach me how to make spacescapes as nice as yours, keep it up
  4. Banshee is one of my favorite shows atm. Stock Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9g8eQ5cSjc (In the video somewhere) Unfortunate I couldn't get a better image.
  5. I have very few words to describe your last two works, but damn they are amazing. Great job!
  6. I find getting the image url insanely annoying...
  7. And you did an amazing job with highlighting, I think personally that highlighting is my biggest weakness, I can never seem to get it right. Mind if i use your image in the main post as a "What you can achieve with this"?
  8. I mentioned your tutorial in mine, I think your tutorial does a really good job at creating tree rings. Great job
  9. Glad to hear welsh, it's not too different just better explained (hopefully) Well the rewrite is finished and up. Good luck to everyone who attempts this.
  10. I do that all too often. I feel like every time I open pdn I'm re-downloading plugins And, your plugins are more than useful
  11. Try using D19163 for the colour instead, and set the layer blending mode to Overlay at 200 Opacity. Originally at the time of writing this tutorial I had assumed everyone had the same experience I had with Paint.NET. However, obviously there are a lot of newcomers to Paint.NET who may view this tutorial. In order to make this more newcomer friendly I'm rewriting this tutorial and may also provide a video if time permits. It will also include some improvements that I have thought of. Thanks for all the replies on this tutorial.
  12. Forgot to back up paint.net plugins before reformatting hard drive... -_-
  13. Wow that is an amazing image. Great work especially on the background. The clouds and mountains/rock terrain in the back look amazing. Great job.
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