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  1. Something I made that I think is cool. Its called (unimaginative I know) Green Tiles
  2. I think this is my best wallpaper so far.
  3. Was playing around in pdn and came up with... Aluminum Foil!
  4. 9/10. It looks really cool with the plane. Rate (current sig)
  5. Added some new images, and changed the first post. Abstract - Mystic Portal My current Signature/Avatar
  6. Vanipeaches and K_I_N_G those are very cool abstracts. I made an abstract a while ago, thought it looked like a portal of some kind.
  7. Soul41 that is very cool. Kemaru that is also amazing, looks like an abstract painting of a cloudy night. My new sig I made in two or more hours.
  8. A nice realistic apple by a tree. Nice work yellowman, that looks awsome.
  9. A wallpaper I have made, thought it was kind of cool. Also, that palm tree picture is amazing.
  10. Tried making myself a spacescape, i think it came out good (dont mention the sun, its bad i know)
  11. That is pretty nice sabaa. Thats bad that your grandpa died though. I like the Vista wallpapers, so i tried to make one in similar style (while trying to somewhat follow a ps tutorial. )
  12. Nice work, it looks good, though the moon is a little transperent on the edges (can see the stars through it) I do not know how hard it is to fix, since i have never made a planet/moon.
  13. Man... I wish i could see them. Anyways, The Greek Omeaga is my favorite symbol
  14. Nice kiwi and nightmare-ish dog, oma. Changed it from ocean, to lake. I think it needs better land color though, any suggestions?
  15. Ok, Ive restarted and finished it and think it looks way more realistic than the other one.
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