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  1. I bumped into it and at first I couldn't believe it (the odds). I'm still not fully convinced it's actually you though.
  2. Yeah, it's like when the add post came and the add at the top of the forum index went away, it took a while but after an ad-blocker I was fine.
  3. My school is shutting down it's... toilettes (because of the mess they are). I therefore spend at least 5 minutes laughing after I read the email. Now if you need to "go" you have to go to "The Desk" (our place where you have to go to for let's say going to the dentist and missing lessons because of it) and get a key for a rental toilet and go outside for your "business".
  4. I have to admit, you're getting better and better dpy. Also don't be afraid of adding plug-ins to your pack. It's your pack, so you should be allowed to advertise your own plug-ins.
  5. When rendering PDN uses all cores and all the CPU it can get so you will always use all your CPU when rendering, try checking your CPU when rendering a large image.
  6. Rubrica, this thought always helpes: "Could be worse, I could be ."
  7. Thanks for mentioning Oma, I haven't even noticed. Really nice stuff there.
  8. Rubrica, it gets worse at the age of 15, trust me, so like it or not you should try to get used to it. Watching Star Trek is a good idea, but when you do this you should take the time to start with the newest series and then work your way back, or else the shock of the special effects is too great and you will die. Happiness: My XML reader works and better then MS's.
  9. I just found out that I can get Visual Studio 2008 for free (E: legally), including other stuff MS developed. Which means they just rose back to my top ten companies. E2: If you're interested they have called the project DreamSpark.
  10. I'm sticking with chrome's beta, using the gestures extension I can browse twice as fast. It's just as stable as the actual release, which means 0 crashes ever.
  11. Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter. I don't know why I like it, maybe because I actually understand it, sort of...
  12. Shouldn't that be Russia be afraid? My calculations showed me that for every Fin (?) that died that were 13 Russians before him.
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