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  1. It seems that you are too Back to making sigs?
  2. Thanks everyone. My entry for sotw#121 Anime Character (No idea what anime this is from, sorry) Forest Not my usual style, but I thought i'd try it.
  3. Anime Character (No idea what anime this is from, sorry) Forest
  4. Thanks everyone, and congrats to runner ups. Thanks for hosting also
  5. Wow, I just want to say SAND33P/BassPixel's entry is amazing.
  6. Thanks everyone. New simple signature and avatar combo Also new Ornaments inspired by HELEN As always click for a larger view
  7. http://www.bluewaterlandscapesupplies.com.au/linked/washed%20river%20sand.jpg http://portraitofawoman.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/2-Broken-Shell.jpg
  8. Your Christmas ornaments are amazing, gonna have to take a shot at doing one myself.
  9. Wow, you have some amazing pieces in here man. Real talent, you gotta teach me how to make spacescapes as nice as yours, keep it up
  10. Thanks Helen and Dryda Signature based off one of my current favorite tv shows, Banshee Stock Image: (In the video somewhere) Unfortunate I couldn't get a better image.
  11. Banshee is one of my favorite shows atm. Stock Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9g8eQ5cSjc (In the video somewhere) Unfortunate I couldn't get a better image.
  12. Thanks EER, glad to see you're still around.
  13. Got bored today so decided to open up PDN and see what I could accomplish. Inspired by Welsh and Sharp Click for a bigger view
  14. I like the wood texture No really great work on it, you did great on creating a non-flat floor . Also, I really like the clock you made on the original post; a very clean image.
  15. Testing some things turned out decent. Some of the angles are messed up, and reflections on the ball I got lazy and forgot to make them different for each ball. I still need to work on shadows. As always click to see the larger version. EDIT: I just realized how off the top board is...jeez and it isn't sitting on the floor properly xD I need a lot of work.
  16. I find getting the image url insanely annoying...
  17. I love your current sig a lot, really appealing
  18. And you did an amazing job with highlighting, I think personally that highlighting is my biggest weakness, I can never seem to get it right. Mind if i use your image in the main post as a "What you can achieve with this"?
  19. I'm down. Might be too small and simple for some people's tastes but that's how I like them. edit: wrong version the text wasn't supposed to be so opaque. ohwell. Good luck RFX
  20. I mentioned your tutorial in mine, I think your tutorial does a really good job at creating tree rings. Great job
  21. This was tough one, but I'm gonna give it to Welsh for the shading underneath the text Welsh - 1 Sasha - 0
  22. I usually hate a large variation of colors but Ekstaze's sig I really like. The use of random shapes? to provide a background for the letters. I don't know you guys can see it , but I really like how it looks good job. As for penguin, its nice but the text being hard to read is one of the cons Keep at it both of you penguin dolphin - 0 Ekstaze - 2
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