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  1. Something I made that I think is cool. Its called (unimaginative I know) Green Tiles
  2. I think this is my best wallpaper so far.
  3. Was playing around in pdn and came up with... Aluminum Foil!
  4. 9/10. It looks really cool with the plane. Rate (current sig)
  5. Added some new images, and changed the first post. Abstract - Mystic Portal My current Signature/Avatar
  6. Vanipeaches and K_I_N_G those are very cool abstracts. I made an abstract a while ago, thought it looked like a portal of some kind.
  7. Soul41 that is very cool. Kemaru that is also amazing, looks like an abstract painting of a cloudy night. My new sig I made in two or more hours.
  8. A nice realistic apple by a tree. Nice work yellowman, that looks awsome.
  9. A wallpaper I have made, thought it was kind of cool. Also, that palm tree picture is amazing.
  10. Tried making myself a spacescape, i think it came out good (dont mention the sun, its bad i know)
  11. That is pretty nice sabaa. Thats bad that your grandpa died though. I like the Vista wallpapers, so i tried to make one in similar style (while trying to somewhat follow a ps tutorial. )
  12. Nice work, it looks good, though the moon is a little transperent on the edges (can see the stars through it) I do not know how hard it is to fix, since i have never made a planet/moon.
  13. Man... I wish i could see them. Anyways, The Greek Omeaga is my favorite symbol
  14. Nice kiwi and nightmare-ish dog, oma. Changed it from ocean, to lake. I think it needs better land color though, any suggestions?
  15. Ok, Ive restarted and finished it and think it looks way more realistic than the other one.
  16. Would it be possible that in an upcoming version that there is the ability to save the edit history to a file so that we wouldnt have to restart an image from scratch if we want to change an image that is a pdn file and want to add something to it that requires a layer to be seperate but you merged the layer that you need with another layer? It would make things a lot easier.
  17. Im going to have to restart it from scratch, since i was stupid enoguh to save it without the layers that i would need to add objects to it like a sun. Ill try to make it look as similiar as possible, though.
  18. I made an ocean, though it seems there is just something about it that looks wrong, i dont know what it is though.
  19. I like sunrises or sunsets as desktop images.
  20. That is one sick lightsaber hilt BarkBark. It looks like it could have come from one of the Star Wars movies.
  21. I tried making myself a lightsaber, but it kind of failed. That North Pole picture and Christmas Ornament are amazing.
  22. Thanks for the comment. Though I would like to knopw how do you make thumbnails so that I can downsize the pictures and make it that a whole page is not taken up by my gallery pictures?
  23. Hello, welcome to my gallery. Abstract Images Wallpapers Signatures/Avatars
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