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Image Umbrella: Realistic Images


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My attempt at a pdn garden. Everything pdn with a lot of interpretation of oma's palm leaf tut, and use of the Lightray plug - in.


* Currently a WIP with a few more plants to 'create' to fill in the gaps. Floating plants not that realistic :roll::D

Love it! Just love that central one (wanna know how you made it :D ), bottom leaves and bottom left ones, and the plant on the right (it was easier if I just said I love them all but the purple ones which I like a little less :lol: ) Don't know if it the wall is intentionally like that, otherwise I think if you wanna make a regular one and show the sky beneath just enlarge the canvas size, I love it anyhow (and do not forget to give tips on how you made that ivy (is it :?: ) :D



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I hope I am not infringing on a copyright with the following. If so, I'll yank it right down.


If anybody wants them, I made a cursor out of this brush and another one, which you can download here.

Just drop them in your cursor folder and enjoy. Disable mouse pointer shadow for these as they comes with shadows.

Here is my try. I know it needs a lot of work, but I think that just by looking at yours and not following a tut for it, it turned out pretty well... what do you think?


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Nice work Janettesue...very mysterious. Do I detect Xor??? anyway here's

A comet i did this afternoon for a t-shirt i'm designing hope you like!!!

(I know...overuse of dents)


Please Comment!!! :lol::lol:

WOW! I like this better than mine. This is the effect I was going for, but couldn't achieve it.. could you do a tut, please!?! :D

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@Janettsue: I like it, but I think she's a little too thin...

@J2K: I love that, but what is it? I agree with you about the edges, though.


I made this sticker/badge just a little while ago. I really like it. The background was slightly improvised, and 100% PDN :D


Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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Kemaru great sticker. I agree with you she is to thin or her head is to big and her arms to long. Drawing is a challenge for me.

jake2k I love the green thing. Can't wait to see how that skill develops.

Still trying to draw. practice, practice.....



"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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worldnewser great paper

LFC4EVER wonderful dice

jedi12 that is very interesting. Did you use emboss or something like it?

Before you tell me I need shadows and the like, I don't like this well enough to work on it anymore. I am taking what I learned and moving on. I do think the bells turned out well.



"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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@JanettSue, The girl in the yellow shantung dress is just lovely and I do not think the fairy queen is too thin, fairy tales characters not necessarily have to match real life proportions. Do go ahead with the x-mas image, the two elves are lovely (there's just something wrong with the mouth of the one on the right, but I do not think that will be a great problem to solve, may be forget about the bells and go on with the rest of the image,concentrating all the light above the two subjects and diminishing it on the rest... well, that is just my guess) Good jobs! (but you did not tell me how you did those lovely feather wings ... :) )

@jedi12 It looks lovely it has depth and very nice use of tile reflection!

@worldnewser The crumpled paper needs some more work i.m.o. but I think you are in the right direction, keep up!

@LFC4EVER Your glass die looks nice, I think it just needs some more light/glow to be terrific!


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jannetsue that is remarkable. Reminds me of those animated type of Christmas cartoons. simply amazing. line tool? or tablet?

well here is my contribution :roll: to the realistic images pictorium.

passable likeness? I think I've turned back the hands of time here. better than a facelift :wink:

oh yes straightened and whitened my teeth, gave myself fuller and blonder hair. :lol:


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