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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

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Well Thx for the suggestions guys. Dont plan on trying to fix it, just wondering ppls opinions on how to make it better anyways, heres 1 of a drawing i did for a tattoo of the Mayan Zodiac Sign Xul that i just messed with.


This One changes hues -Check it out its kinda creepy

Original & Edited Version to have both sides

(I only drew half cuz i wanted it to be symmetrical)


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Thanks Welshy and Dug,
I'm exited about the possibilities for this one ('Clipwarp' - which Null54 has kindly set up the Visual Studio project files for me).

Rant: Unfortunately Visual studio seems to have been designed by programmers to stop anyone else learning!
Grrr - infuriating - the code itself not too problematic (I can look-up what I don't understand), it's all the different files and file versions - all over the place. Even adding an Icon has defeated me so far!
Made reasonable progress yesterday - changed some code and built a new working version - had to deleted it all today.
Ah well, there are many bigger wories in the world - and I'm very grateful to Null54 for getting a version working in VS that I can go back to.

I don't like being beaten by the computer - a box of switches!

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Good work Jim!

That's a very unusual roof - I'm sure the architect didn't intend on it being obscured by satellite dishes. - Glad you have restored it ;)

It's interesting that you point that out. I got this picture from Flicker. The originator took this picture and many others from some European country (I don't recall which one right now). All of them were from an older part of the city and was focused on their architecture. So I'm sure this mod only improves upon what he was trying to show.

Thank you all for the comments. These are always satisfying for me to do, and even more so if I'm ultimately successful with it/them.

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