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  1. Hey Kemura you haven't mentioned how you damaged your knee but how is your riding position, when peddling your knee should be directly above your ankles if your knees are to close together or splayed out you will put unnecessary pressure on the ligaments. My sister used to suffer from a bad knee but once she sorted out her riding position it went away.
  2. @Welsh,have you tried making it 4 times the size then Gaussian blur it at 4px then resize to 25%. Other than that a very nice image.
  3. Had a play with it and feel it misses out on not being able to zoom in and out of the image as you are working on it. Yes you can zoom in then activate the plug in but then it's harder to move the cursor to the correct spot even with the fine tuning. For me the line tool is still the way to go especially if the image has a lot of curved edges. Still well done on the plug in and all the rest you have given the community.
  4. The second half of season 5 Breaking Bad all other shows pale in comparison.
  5. Wow this would of saved me so much time a while back, well done shame you can't set the points with the mouse on the main image but I suppose that is not possible. Will definitely give this a go tomorrow.
  6. Really liking this at the moment. Loads of great posts everyone
  7. seen a lot of negative chat on internet about gophoto.
  8. Nice results p1kachuuu and NN79
  9. Thanks EER,the sig is from the SOTW comp triangles which I never got round to entering (missed the deadline )
  10. Just finished The Last Of Us and have to say probably the game of this generation. 10/10 one of those experiences you wish everyone could have.
  11. How did you come up with this tut ?were you able to see the result in your head and know which plugins to use or did it just come from experimentation ? Here's something combining this tut and WB's chain links.
  12. Until EER splits YM's idea into its own thread I will post my one here,I call it Metal Rose.
  13. Can see this being useful on render based sigs ,thanks.
  14. Just started 2 old shows "How I met your mother" & "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" both really funny Also getting ready for the finale of season 3 of Game of Thrones Last weeks episode "The Rains of Castamere" was the most shocking episode of anything I have ever watched 0.0 when it was over I just stared at the TV for what seemed like hours still can't believe what happened.
  15. I also used to think Cat Stevens sung it and have even heard a radio DJ say it was him.
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