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  1. @null54 I did not expect this... 😵
  2. @Seerose Wait... You mean G'MIC? The plugin that can be used with Krita and GIMP? I've been living under a rock, yes? 😵 By the way, gorgeous pictures! I love the traditional art feel they have. 😄
  3. @Seerose Thanks for the feedback. And you're welcome! 😄 Also, sorry for replying a year to late. 😅 Finally, I posted a new image. 😁
  4. Thanks, @hippiechos! I'm still trying to get the hang of it. XD Thanks, @lynxster4! :] Like I wrote, they're around 30 minutes real-time. Plus, they're sped up. X]
  5. @RMSTITANIC It's okay. Take your time. ^_^
  6. You're welcome. :] I like the double exposure one. What draws me more is the colors and the crisp finish. It's very beautiful and stylish.
  7. @TrevorOutlaw, you managed to capture the chilling, heart-wrenching nature of child abuse in both pieces. It's amazing.
  8. You're welcome, @Seerose. And thanks for letting me now. X]
  9. Hi! I'm Beta0. Nice to meet you, @RMSTITANIC. I've noticed you're a fan of Hello Neighbor and BatIM (Bendy and the Ink Machine), both unusual, indie horror games and very popular in YouTube. :O I like your style. Very simple and seems inspired by pixel art. It reminds me a bit of Carrots and Cream, an unsettling food-based game. Plus, I see very good progress on your works about them. :] Now, back on topic. XD I really like your recent work. I don't know why, but glitch-like and colorful works draw me in. So beautiful. :]
  10. I like your recent piece. The color scheme and simplistic design makes me think of certain indie games, like Ori and the Blind Forest. Very beautiful. :]
  11. @welshblue Thanks! :] About the fail, it's not the sketches. Sketches don't always look clean and detailed, so I don't worry much about them. The whole fail issue has to do with both videos. The different programs I use act slow and laggy, or fast and efficient. So, recording sketches becomes tricky. To me, the best way to do it is if: said recordings are fixed on the program window; the colors are limited and ready to use; I try not to rush the sketch, and; I establish a 30-minute limit for the recording. Plus, I have to edit them so they don't go over 15 minutes. Better keep them short! Now that you mention pop art, I checked Google Images to compare my sketches and images from said movement. I've been using color and value, making sure the sketches are well shaded and don't end up as a monochromatic or analogous composition. I never thought for a moment that they might look as pop art. Must be the saturated result. However, that gives me an idea on what their future outcome could be. o.o Also, I looked for art with raw emotion. Man...I might've been incorporating those ideas months or a few years ago. So many faceless people and 'incomplete' semi-abstract sketches... I blame Laovaan (an artist from YouTube) for showing that video about his experience in art school/college. And my time spent doodling silhouettes and abstract stuff with ballpoint pens. D8 Having that pic hanging on your wall might be a problem... I have no idea how to sell my artwork. 8D And you're welcome. There's more to come! (PS.: Watch out, man! ) @Pixey Thanks. Like I wrote before, I'm still trying to get the hang of it. I hope the blonde girl didn't incite any quarrel between them. X]
  12. I like this thread. XD So, I wanted to share something: the no-bones dance.
  13. @Seerose, that's an amazing outcome. It's so shiny and glossy. And it's realistic. (By the way, if this is from a tutorial, I haven't read it...yet. B] )
  14. I like both pieces. Colorful and textured. But Halloween on Hyperdrive is more interesting. Maybe because the shape in the center reminds me of this little guy. Great job! :]
  15. I did two things on YouTube. It's about PDN. It's about sketching. And they're kind of odd. Still trying to get the hang of doing speed-sketching videos. Note: It's on the first page. :]
  16. You're welcome, @Pixey. By wall art, you mean something like a mural or urban graffiti? o.o About your new piece: they look like glossy, translucent jaw-breakers. Or huge marbles. So colorful. 8]
  17. @Pixey I love the rusty look the metal has. It's gives the feel that it's an old, steam train. Plus, I like the textures all over the piece, especially the ones for snow and the tree that seems to have leaves. Gorgeous! :]
  18. You're welcome, @Pixey. Yay for Gradient Mapping!
  19. @Pratyush Math problems can be easy to solve. Life's problems...not so much. Nonetheless, they both have solutions. And that's good. I hope you can get through whatever thing you're going through. :]
  20. @Pixey I love these flower-related works, especially the new one. Using cool colors (blue, green, cyan, purple) as a light-source looks odd but intriguing. Awesome! :]
  21. Wait...what? @toe_head2001 I did not expect that. Does this mean my images are saved from not being seen at another site? I have to try that... ?
  22. That's true, @lynxster4. And they change us, whether is for good or bad. I heard that, now, people actually acknowledge others after Maria. I've seen people helping one another. And that is awesome. ? Okay, @LionsDragon. Got it. No messing around with Ghostbusters. ? Thanks a lot. ? It's not just me. This atmospheric event changed almost everyone. It feels good. ☺ (Oh, yes. I would gladly ask about those recipes. I always cook with instructions...and do some wacky stuff with what I find in the kitchen. ?)
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