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  1. doughty

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    After seeing Pixey's melty cheese and veggie tidbits, I gave up on mine. I do want to try this comp. Please keep it going.
  2. doughty

    Paper Effect

    I have a screen grab of the tutorial "Detailed Aged Parchment" - now in the Tutorial Graveyard. If anyone wants to repost. I'm missing, I think, two images.
  3. doughty

    SOTW#188 - Butterflies

  4. doughty

    Mandala v1.0

    Hi, interesting plugin and interesting images above. But...The base of this spline bottom here isn't tucked under the spline base next to it. I see it most clearly in fill mode and when there is overlap. Can this be fixed?
  5. doughty

    Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack (March 8, 2008)

    @toe_head2001 Thanks for letting me know this. Thought 'Report Post' was for spam and such stuff.
  6. doughty

    Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack (March 8, 2008)

    jchunn's zip file needs to be made readable.
  7. doughty

    Average Edge Blur

    Pictures are missing in first post.
  8. doughty

    Advanced Color Replacement

    This plugin is not in its proper wrapper.
  9. doughty

    SOTW#187 - Greyscale Art - Winners

    Congrats to Seerose on the coin toss. Congrats to everyone on their wins. Great job everyone...
  10. doughty

    Plugin Index

    Hello Pixey, that was Color Distort, Remake had me type in the
  11. doughty

    The Toy Dog (Gaussian Blur Drawing)

    Thank you Toe_Head
  12. doughty

    The Toy Dog (Gaussian Blur Drawing)

    Tutorial in English doesn't go to the tutorial.
  13. doughty

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    Thanks toe_head, I'm on a learning curve.
  14. doughty

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    I'm missing something. If didn't use up all my votes in past comps, I use to be able to go back and vote again. Is that possible now?
  15. doughty

    Colour Distort

    Thank you ReMake. Well, That it does.