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  1. doughty

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    I flipped my image left to right and put a one pixel border on the edge. Should I flip it back?
  2. doughty

    SOTW#190 - MadJik's Fractal Attractor - Winners

    Congrats to all the winners. And to all that entered a big hooray and may you enter the next contest. It really is more fun/interesting with lots of players. Thanks lynxster
  3. Hope you don't have to much trouble following it
  4. doughty

    Haiku game thread!

    80 degrees F Lovely warm summer weather ice cream lollypops
  5. doughty

    Happy Birthday doughty

    Whoa, thank you all. I like to remember my birthday the next day. Then I can smile, oh ya, it was yesterday. Thought I had it. I do have one of his with the statue of liberty made of words.
  6. doughty

    OOTF#26 - WINNERS - Hourglass.

    Congrats winners. Good job to all that entered.
  7. doughty

    SOTW#189 - Frogs~Toads

  8. Hello! As always, love your art. Like the boat scene, Inside Outside. Impossible in PDN, is it? Whoa the first image...what a train ride.
  9. doughty

    SOTW#188 - Butterflies - Winners

    Congrats Pixey. Your entry is so delicate looking. Liked everyone's entries. Thanks lynxster.