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  1. Nice entries all and congrats to all the winners.❤️
  2. Thanks to all that entered and congrats to those who won.😋
  3. @PixeySorry, I only read through the first line of your comment.
  4. @Pixey, wish I could have made a paper cup also.😕
  5. Can the bonbon be cut in half to show the innards?
  6. I know how to search. Mysteries though are a little harder for me to solve. Thanks for posting the link.😊 @lynxster4 Got the plugin. Have to find something to use it on.
  7. Love the line work on your cartoon characters and wanted to check it out, see how you did it, but I cannot find a blur blend plugin nor that TrevorOutlaw made a plugin. 😧 Am I going nuts?
  8. Don't know what you can do/add to make your image more cohesive, but you certainly made it more exciting.