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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

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My first photo manipulation. I am aware of it not being too good, but since it's my first go easy on me :P.

Decided to experiment with the text, that's why it is in the background and so big. It is supposed to be unfocused, so it might not be the clearest. 

If you compare the stock pictures to the outcome you will see that the road and the grass is kinda "bent". It was also supposed to be like that, the guy is "bending" space.






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OH WOW ( I know I'm shouting but didn't know how to do it in a whisper)


Absolutely stunning mate.  I knew you were good with Sketchup but those ships are amazing.  Awesome planet and as BarbieQ' says ... seamless mix of the programmes.  Absolutely love it.


But what are we to expect from you but high quality images that make the mouth drop open


@ prosper.  Nice.  Reminds me of an Expiration image when I first joined here 

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Thank you HELEN and Daniel,


@ Klaxxon, thanks so much.


What I did is: Selected the top part of the image at the line where the stones meets the water, then copy it and paste it on a new layer

After that I flipped the pasted selection vertically and used the Transparent Gradient to blend it with the stones texture, and applied a slight transparancy,

the waves actually are still there on the bottom layer, but they are not clearly shown. , because they get covered slightly with new layer


Feel free to use my previous version to create the new one, it is actualy very easy

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Scullbonz, Mars playground – exactly how it will be - so much open ground. The foreground position of the Rover really draws the eye in.


Prosper, Imagine - The way I want to feel. Think I need to make a wallpaper like this to look at every day.


Yellowman, fabulous, the idea of sunflowers in space. Question...Shouldn't the turbines in the spaceship look like they're moving? 'Course maybe the anti-grav is on. :evillaugh:

Welshblue, nice looking fellow, like the detail. Looks like he is about to rise and off he'll go.

Yellowman, well put together image. Like both water versions. (Self...Need to take more cloud photos)


Skullbonz's Rusty Barrel tutorial was the starting point for this. Thanks Skullbonz..



Used Laplacian Pyramid Filter plugin. And lots of fiddling.




Mr. Bill's Dead End




Edit: Organizing PB. :aagh:

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Doughty. Excellent piece,I love what you can do with the LPFilter. I use it in my photography sometimes. This piece was meant for the filter, as it doesn't suit every image, really well put together. Nice One!


Try the plug-in  Increase Local Contrast at a low setting 1-5,for a cleaner more subtle effect. That was what I used for my new sig.

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Nice image doughty.  A really nice look and feel to it.  I love how you've positioned the barrels, they look like they belong there.


I've always been a really big fan of Aislin and her digital portraits.  I could never get the hang of it ... so I tried using plugins to recreate something.  Quite happy with the style of the finished thing.  I'll definitely be experimenting some more




http://cdn.wall-pix.net/albums/people-models/00027855.jpg'> Original

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