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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation


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Doughty. Excellent piece,I love what you can do with the LPFilter. I use it in my photography sometimes. This piece was meant for the filter, as it doesn't suit every image, really well put together. Nice One!


Try the plug-in  Increase Local Contrast at a low setting 1-5,for a cleaner more subtle effect. That was what I used for my new sig.

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Modified.                                                                                        Original.



Completely inspired by Doughty's post. I duplicated the original image, used laplacian pyramid filter on it then on the upper image used TR's Line tracer plugin and set the layer to overlay and opacity on 70. Added the barrels from Skullbonz tut finished it off with a ladder, text and a little red paint on the nearest barrel.  

Thanks for the inspiration. Cool image Welshblue, top work indeed mate B)

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DD, very atmospheric, I get the feeling of things past & imminent events such as a rat or something about to dart out.


Welshy, good call on the blend mode. 


I love what you have done with the Metallize! I would never have thought of using it for that. You always come up with such creative solutions. 


Well done both of you!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Drew: Very nice modification. The grunge did it some good. I've been watching the Marble Hornets videos on YT lately, and the creepy abandoned hospital was the first thing this brought to mind...


Welsh: Very good look on both images. Kinda looks like they should be in a video game or something.

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Hey guys, new user here, started using last week (great...now I sound like a drug addict).  Went through a ton of tuts before I branched out and started goofing around, figured I'd join finally! Here's my rendition of one of my fav photos.


Original: http://i.imgur.com/Tutsb4e.jpg



Modified: http://i.imgur.com/WboFQf2.jpg





Huge thanks to all of ya for the tuts and plugins! Great work!

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