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  1. I like it. When you focus your attention on the buildings in the rear, you'd swear they were having an earthquake!
  2. It's funny you should say that... I had the same impression of another. Looks like all sorts of discoveries can be made here. Wear it with pride? Maybe it could've simply passed away (my being upset about it), but the fact that another found it humorous to push my buttons while I was still upset about it was not funny. I PM'd him about my initial reaction to the award so as not to spoil that thread, and he responded in kind with a public jab. ... None of us have to find any particle thing as humorous as another does, and that should be respected.
  3. LMAO. That's another funny one. I can't wait to see the whole stand-up routine.
  4. Hmmm. Maybe the humor got lost in the details. Let me simplify it: The dude is upset. The other dude found it funny to upset him more. Surely now that I've simplified it you can see how humorous it is. EDIT: ...and no, I'm not serious, I'm simply telling a funny story.
  5. So I wanted to relay this story that I found to be quite funny... it was truly one of those sad moments that you still get a laugh out of like you might see on one of those "Fail" YouTube videos (unfortunately it's not on video) whereas someone is running to go dive into a pool, they slip and do a faceplant in the water. The man is suffering, but the whole situation, though you can feel the guy's pain, it is still hilarious. Sometimes these situations are really serious, but somehow (as the videos show), many of us are still able to find that hilarious moment in the whole event. Well here's
  6. It's interesting that you point that out. I got this picture from Flicker. The originator took this picture and many others from some European country (I don't recall which one right now). All of them were from an older part of the city and was focused on their architecture. So I'm sure this mod only improves upon what he was trying to show. Thank you all for the comments. These are always satisfying for me to do, and even more so if I'm ultimately successful with it/them.
  7. Eliminating A Bunch of Clutter: http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p495/JClout100361/VillasofOldCityXVIC_zpsb76b46d9.png">http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p495/JClout100361/VillasofOldCityXVIC_zpsb76b46d9.png
  8. Oh, I wasn't thinking of repetitive. Just a one time thing
  9. As a fairly simple concept and seeing that it seems to be another way of demonstrating artistic creativity, how about doing a competition on photorealistic cappuccino art with no stock images?
  10. Great piece. The use of the stones were a great idea.
  11. Do you clean your computer regularly of accumulating temp files? EDIT: Also, you might consider burning your downloads to a CD-ROM or put them on a USB stick.
  12. Great spacescapes Yellowman, and the alarm clock is awesome. While on the subject of the alarm clock, like usual you demonstrate you've got a keen eye for detail - it's really an amazing piece.
  13. I've been meaning to comment on this. I think it's a cool tutorial. I haven't yet had an opportunity to put my hand to the test on this, but this is certainly on my list to try. Congrats!
  14. Shadows of the heart is a bit dark for my personal preference, but that aside, reflecting on all the other aspects of the piece, I think it is nicely done.
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