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  1. First, the interface is an "either or" situation. You select one method or the other. Since you're not changing the size by percentage, then you are specifying the size you want it to be. The "OK" button is greyed out because you did not modify any of the original dimensions to specify what you want it to be now. It logically cannot say OK I'll change your image to this size if you never indicated what size to change it to. The 800/600 values are the existing dimensions of the image. It is Paint.net's starting point. It says, OK, here is what we have: 800 x 600. How do you want to re
  2. It gets clipped because it was deselected. If you don't wish to lose a part of your photograph, I would either resize the canvas to a larger size to keep it on the canvas until such time as you have either resized it to the size that's appropriate or it has been cropped or manipulated to your liking/needs. Once everything is situated to your liking, you can then reduce the canvas back down to your liking by selecting a rectangular space outlining the desired portion of the finished image and then crop to the selection. To elaborate, when you deselect an image that is only partially on th
  3. Another little trick you can try (without plugins) is to create a transparent layer on top of your image and use the line drawing tool to draw a line across the image. Once again, Paint.net will give you the length at the bottom. When you've got your measurement, simply undo or delete your layer.
  4. Feeling confident about your laptop does necessarily mean that is reality. It would really be helpful to yourself to investigate all possibilities. Everything is subject to failure whether it be a car, a blender, or even a laptop - and we never know when something is going to give out or begin to fail on us. The symptoms described would lead me to believe there may be a video issue. This doesn't necessarily mean that your video is bad, but it may be that it is having resource issues, which could point to something else entirely depending upon the machine's configuration. Other than
  5. The answer to that question would depend upon what size requirements the web site has and what size your picture is to begin with. You don't need to use a percentage amount of reduction, you can specify the size to resize a photo. Of course this too would be dependent upon the existing dimensions of the photo. To specify a new size based solely on the dimensions, go to the menu selection, "Image" and then select "Resize". The default selection is to resize by dimensions, so simply put in the desired dimensions to that of the web site. Of course, you may need to crop your image first
  6. Awhile ago the owner of our company asked me to take his picture. Though he didn't say what it's purpose was, I obliged him. This was that picture: http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/DSCN0360_zpsseklbeci.jpg Since I was now in possession of this, I figured I'd have a little fun with it and try a photo manip with it as a gag. So, I used the below pics: Our company logo http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/newport-computer-services_zpsytuyvno2.jpg and this image http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/Superhero_zpsycf7p35t.
  7. I like it. When you focus your attention on the buildings in the rear, you'd swear they were having an earthquake!
  8. Thank you all. The trick to making it appear as smooth as you can is to not erase too much at once. In accomplishing this, I settled on a particular size eraser and used it (mostly) all the way through. This however can't be done at intersecting points as you would erase parts of the signature not intended to be erased until a bit later. So using the original size eraser at the intersecting point, I would place the eraser over it to see where it falls on the portion of the line I wanted to erase, switch to a smaller eraser and erase it accordingly. Also, I obviously didn't know fro
  9. It's not much to look at I suppose, but it's a video I made so that I could sort of watermark videos. I took an image I made eons ago and erased bits of it and with each erasing, saved the image sequentially in reverse order (200.png, 199.png, 198.png, etc.) then imported them into my video editing program to create this so that it could be superimposed with it's chroma key functions.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm on target with this, but what you're describing sounds almost like it was being installed and run in a Sandbox. Some antivirus programs do this by running the software in a virtual environment so that "potentially" hazardous software doesn't bring any harm to your computer. Another issue could be available resources on your computer. Maybe the installer goes, runs out resources to complete and simply ends up quitting. If you have inadequate amount of memory and many things running in the background, these could be hampering your efforts. For example, if you have Wind
  11. It's hard for anyone to make an educated guess with symptoms alone. Maybe if you provide some info about your computer's specs. (Make, model, CPU, memory, etc.)
  12. Another method is to use an image of a triangle on a separate layer, use the magic wand to make the selection, then with it selected, switch to the other layer you want to use it on.
  13. Lots have been happening around my household. My parents moved back to New England in with us from Virginia. We had half of our basement finished off so they had their own liveable space. My son has had some vision issues, both of which required an operation except we only went through with an operation on one (one eye has glaucoma - this is the one we had them operate on - and the other has a detached retina). I've passed through in the past only sporadically, but am trying to visit a bit more. Thanks for your expressed thoughts previously.
  14. No, I didn't make that. This one however, I did make some time ago:
  15. A single image demonstrating a movement effect like the one below or more like an animated one? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-KkKhCV-wVNg/UZNxP-vk22I/AAAAAAAAGDw/AEJ0pk5TWik/s1600/Enterprise+Warp.jpg If it's something like the image shown, then you would want to use the motion blur effect. Essentially it would go like this: Background layer of your "black hole" 2 layers of your community name with transparent background on each. Apply the motion blur on the middle image of the community name using the direction toward the black hole. If you wish, you can adjust the tran
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