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    Using the tools I have available, checking out new tools I can get my hands on, speedpainting, graphic design, digital and traditional painting, art-related tutorials (I like reading and learning), and creative commons

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  1. LionsDragon's Gallery--Fear

    @LionsDragon No need to feel that. I used to draw without doing shapes. They would come out weird without a good 'foundation' (not sure if it's called like that.) So, it takes time to get good at drawing. Okay. Had to look it up. I hope that's getting treated.
  2. @AndrewDavid I see two people, generated in an epic light-show. That's awesome.
  3. Seerose's Gallery -New Year Colors- 2018

    *internal scream because the internet signal wasn't working well* @Seerose You're very welcome. (P.S.: I like that meal. 8])
  4. Seerose's Gallery -New Year Colors- 2018

    Wait... Post it note tutorial Glossy button tutorial Polished ceramic text tutorial Glossy folder icon tutorial I don't know if there's a dice tutorial. o.o Anyway, the outcomes are impressive. And very beautiful. My favorites are...all of them.
  5. LionsDragon's Gallery--Fear

    @LionsDragon That's good. Yep! It kind of helps with body proportions. Almost every tutorial about drawing/sketching advises it. Oh. Sorry for bringing it up.
  6. LionsDragon's Gallery--Fear

    @LionsDragon You're welcome. I don't use them much. But, upon testing what can I do with them, they're good for creating 'chaos'. I can't help creating chaotic things to, then, start looking for shapes or figures... It's kind of like searching images in clouds or forests. Also, both fractals are good for effects. X] Oh, that. o.o The only advice I can give is something I caught from just observing and practicing. Shapes are the base for a drawing. It doesn't matter if it's cartoon-ish, anime/manga, semi-realistic or realistic. I didn't know that. o.o
  7. @AndrewDavid That's good news!
  8. LionsDragon's Gallery--Fear

    It's amazing what you did with the fire dragon cat. I've noticed you used the Julia fractal for the fire. Nice! :] How much progress? o.o
  9. @AndrewDavid That's okay. And, nah. My appetite wasn't ruined. I got that impression. You're welcome. That's some amazing and colorful city. The skyscrapers are glossy. And the trees look amazing. It might be a great place for a vacation trip. Who knows? *shrugs*
  10. @Piotr I don't think Paint.NET was created to replace any other program. I did made a comparison in the past with other programs in terms of difficulty of use (and with other programs I've tried out recently, like Artweaver and Paint Tool Sai.) And I've learned something else: each program was created with a different approach and with an idea in mind. If the canvas is always 800 x 600 (and in 99% size), it might be because not everyone has a computer with a huge resolution. If the eraser is transparent, it's because of layers, which tend to be transparent. Also, there's a recoloring tool ( ), which has the same purpose as the MS Paint's recoloring trick with the eraser. If the color box was made like that, it might be to have more space for the canvas. So, doing it like the way you've demonstrated may clutter the workspace. I only write as a person who's been on the look-out for programs to use for illustration; not as a programmer (or is it developer? O.o) since I can't do that to save my life. And I've found in Paint.NET a great ally to achieve what I want with creating illustrations. I hope you manage to find or found a program that suits your needs. A little extra: MS Paint and Paint.NET are not the same. Just to let you know. :]
  11. BlastWave's Gallery - Full Speed Ahead

    @BlastWave You're welcome! The animation makes me think of a Gameboy Advanced game I used to play. It was about aliens...parasitic ones. I don't know its name or where it ended up. At home, we tend to lose stuff. AndrewDavid and Woodsy have a point. Those are some good power lines. And I like the perspective.
  12. BlastWave's Gallery - Full Speed Ahead

    I have no other words to say about the new image. Only that is cool. Pun intended. X]
  13. Pixey's Gallery ~ PDN Glossy Text ~

    @Pixey You're welcome. I have to say it. My mom, my grandmother and my sister like perfumes. I always notice the surface of the bottle, the design and the ornaments it might have. And some of them had that kind of surface, the frosted glass-like one. X]
  14. LionsDragon's Gallery--Fear

    @LionsDragon Why sadly? I've found photomanipulations interesting. I was taught at college to do them, but I wasn't good. XD So, it's okay to do them. I want to see your progress. Okay. Some ember might help along the way. X] Sure. You're welcome. X] Have fun!
  15. LionsDragon's Gallery--Fear

    @LionsDragon That's a cool idea. I've noticed that dragons don't have to be 100% reptile, so it's fine. Also, I like the textures. I don't know if it's a photomanipulation or a drawing. I'm inclined to assume it's the former. While it's not my forte, some tips on composition can work. I think the dragon seems to be merging with the background. Since the colors are similar, it would be good if the background's color tone is changed (darker with more contrast.) The focal point is McKenna. And the background is taking her spotlight. The stone could be made darker as well. Just not to the same level as the background. Some shadows and a rim light would help. The background is fire, so it would cast a subtle, rim light around McKenna and the stone. Kind of like this. Notice how the edges of the man allow him to stand out against the dark background. Though, for the purposes of the image, this one might work. Finally, the eyes could have some sort of glow. Sometimes, fantasy creatures are depicted with glowing eyes, especially when their surroundings are dark or when they're placed in an action scene. It's all I could think of. :]